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“Bring Back Bubonic…………”

Occasional outbreaks do still occur……fortunately relatively easily treated with antibiotics.

“any rationality you attempt to contribute……….”

I didn’t reply because of this but here goes.
Unless one is deficient in a particular vitamin, electrolyte or trace element because of dietary deficiency or something interfering with it’s method of absorption (Vit B12) then extra supplementation has NEVER been shown to improve health outcomes in a double blind controlled trial. You will just excrete what isn’t required to top up bodily stores. If your diet is reasonable that should not happen. Vit D deficiency is endemic in north west Europe because of the lack of winter sun but even so most make up for that with diet. If you want to waste your money on ridiculously priced supplements, go right ahead whilst remembering that the supplement/health food industry is almost as bad as big pharma. See Ben Goldacre’s “Bad Science” and “Bad Pharma.”

All that can be said is that eating a balanced diet, moderate amounts of meat/fish and plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, moderate alcohol intake and not smoking MAY extend your lifespan. No guarantees.

“The reason we can assume viruses are mostly not deadly, except for the vulnerable ill……….”

Every now and then something like 1918 flu comes along and takes out the healthy younger population. It was the second year of that pandemic that killed younger healthy people. We don’t know what is going to happen with Sars-Cov-2 yet so it makes sense to avoid getting it.

I wonder would people be so willing to discount vaccines if we were in the same conditions as 100 years ago. Polio, TB, bacterial infections and so on. The impact of infectious disease escapes notice but it is still a fair chunk of deaths globally.