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Too many coincidences Charlie. First, winter pressures occur in winter. How come we had one in April May and then now one in December January. And why if the current crisis is just not the ‘normal’ winter crisis are these cases not diagnosed with ‘flu, and why is everyone not rushing to do something about it if it was flu? Ah, I get it, despite the fact that there are antivirals, such as Tamiflu that work for flu, everyone is ignoring this, the medics are letting their patients die rather than giving effective treatment, Pharma is forgoing the big profits they would get for pushing more of their established vaccines and treatments, in order to risk the future on uncertain vaccines, and maybe also to control us. Then of course this is not only happening in Britain, but all over the world. What a coincidence and this big conspiracy is just in order to pretend there is a new epidemic, and the reward of course is to have wrecked economies. It really takes a very warped mind to construct this scenario when there is a much simpler explanation. I am afraid you do not seem to understand science at all.