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This is what they call “laying it on thick”. Just get the language in this article in the Heil:

  • “Total national lockdown” is “inevitable”
  • Boris “pins everything” on Oxford vaccine
  • “worst daily death toll” since April
  • “Boris Johnson voiced ‘bitter regret'”
  • “brutal new coronavirus restrictions
  • “Hancock tried to soften the blow”
  • “AstraZeneca vaccine approval will end the crisis”
  • “whole country will likely have to be plunged into Tier 4 or a national lockdown”
  • “spiralling infection rates”
  • “stark warning”
  • “‘Cases are rising in a really concerning way”
  • “a ramping-up even further of restrictions”
  • “warned of a new ‘reality’ with mutant Covid rampant”
  • “plunged virtually the whole of England into brutal lockdown”
  • “vaccines now the only hope of escape”
  • “devastating lockdown rules
  • “escalated to Tier 3”
  • “most pupils now shut out until at least January 18”
  • “learn whether they must stay shut indefinitely”
  • “the midst of their own clampdowns”
  • “fears over the more infectious ‘mutant’ strain that is running riot”
  • “hopes for a return to normality now hang on massively scaling up the vaccine rollout”
  • “if the government manages to crank up vaccinations”
  • “‘the virus is really surging'”
  • “‘bitterly regretted’ the harsher restrictions”
  • “virus was spiralling out of control”
  • “two big things happening at once in our fight against Covid – one’s working for us and one’s working against us,’ he said. ‘On the plus side we have got two valid vaccines, and we’re racing to get them out – and on the bad side there is a new strain of the virus which is spreading much faster and surging across the country.'”
  • “redouble our efforts to contain the virus”
  • “‘No-one regrets these measures more bitterly than I do, but we must take firm action now.'”
  • “the sheer pace of the spread of this new variant”
  • “even tougher action in some areas”
  • “‘Unfortunately it is a pretty grim and depressing picture at the moment.'”
  • ‘The situation in the UK is precarious in many parts already, the South East and London,’ he said.
  • “members of the public had ‘just got to play your part from bringing us back from this very dangerous situation’.”
  • “Speculation is also growing about a ‘Tier 5’ crackdown that could include even harsher measures such as a curfew. “
  • “24million people” “are already under the strictest stay-at-home orders”
  • “increasing strains on services due to Covid-19 patient numbers, which have reached their highest levels during the pandemic.”
  • “hard-hit Tier 4 areas”
  • “Professor Jonathan Van-Tam has warned people getting vaccinated against Covid-19 to keep following social distancing rules because there’s no proof the jab stops people transmitting the virus”
  • “An intensive care doctor has blamed ‘badly behaved’ members of the public who refuse to wear masks and wash their hands for the resurgence of the coronavirus”
  • “Critically ill hospital patients in London are being ‘evacuated’ to different parts of the country to free up bed space”


1) the vaccine is good, our holy Deliverer, the only hope, God in a needle, “Hey Jude”, “Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water”

2) don’t expect freedom: authority figures (“experts”) tell you to stay isolated after you’ve had the vaccine

3) do what you’re told or it’s DEATH DEATH DEATH, and don’t expect anything else ever

4) there are bad antisocial types about, types who REFUSE TO WASH THEIR HANDS (there is the whole of Daily Heilism in a single image)


6) for middle class administrator sheep-herding types there are other words too, such as “tier”, “exponential”, “restriction”, “members of the public”)

7) you will note there is no promise of peace, tranquillity, good health, sunshine, normality, loveliness, post-war reconstruction, families reunited in a country fit for vaccinated heroes