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On Dec 30 Essex NHS declared a major incident, with all hospitals in mid and south at “OPEL 4” – Operating Pressures Escalation Level 4, the highest they can declare, “All actions have failed to contain service pressures and the local health system is unable to deliver comprehensive emergency care”.

In London, Physician Associates sent out a message to medical students requesting help cover critical sessions in London hospitals, preferably ITU experience.

On Dec 31, Royal London Hospital e-mail from management – “We are now in disaster medicine mode. We are no longer providing high standard critical care because we cannot”.

Today, Kent hospitals ICU bed occupancy reached 137%. “There are people on the wards that ideally we would like in intensive care but we don’t have the capacity”.

Case numbers are climbing faster than ever, so this is set to get much worse.

To anyone telling me all these are faked, part of my definition of conspiracy theories is that they inevitably require more and more conspirators. A worker at a Hull hospital attracted Steph’s suspicion some weeks back for seeing too many bodies at a morgue, and NHS managers in Northern Ireland were implicitly accused by Node a few days ago. The theory now needs co-conspirators in Essex, at multiple hospitals in London, and in Kent, and presumably in countless other places I haven’t happened to hear about. And that’s just in England.

“Yes, I may have been mistaken” – go on, try saying it. Unburden yourselves; you might even come to enjoy it.