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To get here they’d have had to transit via the UK and use either ferry or a small number of flights still operating. It isn’t mentioned whether they were anywhere else before that. There hasn’t been any mention of the virus strain as yet but I am sure they are looking into that and we will hear in time. They have done extensive contact tracing and made public any shops, bars and any other locations where the individual had visited. A number of close contacts are in self isolation but the public message is that the risk is low. Those who were visiting or working in the locations during the relevant times are asked to self-isolate and contact 111 if they develop symptoms of Covid-19.


“PS Internet “debate” is a morass, ET. Do you think I would waste time “debating” with those who type one-liners such as “you have nothing pertinent to say”?”

Then why bother posting at all? But hey, I’m glad to have provoked a response from you albeit not the first time.

“You would probably not be so rude to my face in real life…”

If engaged in conversation where one party to said conversation made no relevant replies, I most definitely would.
I am sure you do have something to say N_ and being “on topic” and making posts relevant to what others have posted would help to elucidate that.