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Node – “You might as well conclude that exposure to lead is harmless because few health effects are reported in the first 3 months.”

No. It’s not a comparison between adverse vaccine effects and nothing. The comparison is against a viral infection that is already known to be very harmful and dangerous.

Node – “The absolute risk reduction is much more meaningful:
– (0.88-0.044)% = ~0.84%”

You didn’t work this out yourself, did you Node? You just picked someone you “believe” in, right? ‘Cos I couldn’t work out where you got 0.88 and 0.044 from so I stuck the following line of yours into Google:

(0.88-0.044)% = ~0.84%

and found an article on the conspiracy theory blog, “by Iain Davis via Off-Guardian”; some example article titles:

– Professor Perronne and the Vaccine: “We Do Not Want to Become, Like Tomatoes or Corn Transgenic GMOs”

– Humans of the GREAT RESET: what the Future MIGHT Look Like in 2021 – If the Controlling Elites Have Their Way

– Must-watch Documentary: ‘[email protected] 2: Indoctrination’

– Klaus Schwab: Great Reset Will “Lead To Fusion Of Our Physical, Digital, & Biological Identity”