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Simon Dolan of Keep Britain Free crowdfunded an attempted Judicial Review of the illegal lockdowns. Illegal because the Government/Politburo are using the 1984 Public Health Act to impose their communist tyranny, but the Act doesn’t allow for a vastly disproportionate response to a seasonal respiratory virus. The courts for process reasons (as in the US) refused to hear the merits of the case.

This appears to mean the government can’t be formally challenged in court, but they can be challenged in court, but you need a courageous hero, Piers Corbyn, to do so, by getting arrested and insisting on a court case, and then challenging the legality of the ‘law’.

To avoid this the Police advise, then issue PCNs then threaten £10,000 fines and make a point of making a rough-handling arrest, but then release people after hours in jail, without charge but perhaps on bail. But as its illegal nothing goes to court and if it does the Judge dismisses it, as the penalty sought is far too excessive to be considered justice.

This I believe is what happens to Piers. The problem is, there are outraged people, as opposed activists, who don’t know the rules of the game, who fight back and end up charged on non-corona offences such as resisting arrest/assault.

@ N, this is why they use “You should”, “You must”, and “You can only” without clarity, because the restrictions are not a legal requirement, they are government guidance, dressed up as rules, with the intimidation of ludicrous fines, as if they were law. Many people are duly intimidated to go along with it, but if you read the small print of the ‘rules’ on the website you’ll find we are all exempt, if we have the gumption to claim our exemptions.

That said the restrictions are primarily to ban all anti-Globalist/freedom protests under guise of fighting a virus.