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Node, no. My claim is that “theory” means a framework for thought like “theory of gravity” or “theory of music”; that “conspiracy theory” is a specific example of such a framework; that it has recognisable features; and that its adherents use recognisable techniques, eg. “what they aren’t telling you” in which “they” is never defined, and definition is never even attempted. I also propose that specific hypotheses of conspiracy theory necessitate ever-expanding conspiracies, eg. entire fields of science.

I have attempted to discuss this with you for years, but your response is simply to ignore me. You recently resorted to sock puppetry and got yourself banned rather than confront this. My personal experience as a moderator of this site was that conspiracy theorists frequently resorted to sock puppetry, and on that matter I have a question for you:

Node, have you posted to this thread as “Duck”?