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SA – “Of course all the NHS staff are also part of this deception”

Precisely. And all the statisticians including local record keepers, virologists, epidemiologists, politicians, immunologists, etc. etc. etc., all over the world.

This is why it fits my description of conspiracy theory. It is not the possibility of some conspiracy that makes it conspiracy theory; powerful people indeed conspire. No, it’s that universal conspiracy is the central central claim, and all the other claims (PCR false positives, misclassification of deaths, payments to US hospitals for ventilation etc.) are seized upon from the tiniest shred of evidence and repeated over and over, ignoring everything to the contrary, to fit around the central claim of unlimited conspiracy.

And if anyone objects? Well, they must either be evil agents, or have psychological problems such as cognitive dissonance which prevents them seeing past “MSM” brainwashing, unlike the Fearless Warriors Who Can Face The Terrifying Truth. We’re either evil, or cowed by fear, SA. But we mustn’t take the piss out of those who feel so superior, eh, Steph?

This is why there’s so much overlap between the adherents of the various conspiracy hypotheses. There’s really only one claim, that everything is run and all information is controlled by this grand, unlimited conspiracy. It merely looks like multiple hypotheses – climate change, anti-vax, covid denial, HIV denial, whatever; really, they’re all the same hypothesis – overarching worldwide conspiracy. And that’s why it’s called conspiracy theory; nothing to do with genuine conspiracy, but provides very good cover for it!