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Boris Johnson has blamed “demented” Chinese people selling traditional medicine, including for sexual potency, for SARS-CoV2.

Downing Street propagandists are trying to deflect the story into one about “Carrie” and “the environment”. They won’t see it like that at the Chinese embassy. Who’s Carrie anyway? And anyway it’s not Carrie that he’s been cycling to visit.

This drug-addled, drunken, overgrown schoolboy of a Tory prime minister, whose schtick aged into ludicrousness some time ago, has f*rted at China and wafted the expelled gas into Chinese faces wearing a look of superiority on his own.

When he was only the “former mayor of London”, he did much the same at Turkey. Before then, when he was a “journalist”, he channelled the Tory party’s beloved hero Enoch Powell by ranting about black people, whom he called “piccaninnies” with “watermelon smiles”.

Tories cheered him to the rafters and made him prime minister after those achievements. But insulting China will probably have different consequences. Unlike Prince Philip, this pillock can be sacked.

(That’s even if few care to notice that the reported death rate “with Covid” per million population is 400 times bigger in Britain than in China. It’s as if it’s traitorous to imagine that Britain is not well managed, given that public schoolboys were born to rule. Never mind that the data shows that the rulers in Britain couldn’t run a f*cking vicar’s tea party even if they called in a catering company.)

Will Johnson be replaced by Jeremy Hunt (who made his large fortune trading in China) by Mayday?