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Nutcase US congresswoman Lauren Boebert (Republican) who is a big fan of “QAnon” and who has boasted about wanting to take a gun into the Capitol building today refused to have her bag searched by Capitol police. Crazy? Yes, that almost goes without saying. And very up-to-the-minute and with the zeitgeist too.

There’s this structure nowadays where everyone talks about events going like this: step 1, step 2, step 3; and then, when events proceed in exactly that fashion, at least in terms of the big picture, they say how amazing and remarkable and “extraordinary” it all is, in the bad sense. Strangely this actually dovetails with them saying that the course of events was entirely predictable, even though given they predicted a lot of it then they shouldn’t be expressing amazement, and whilst also saying they predicted particular features of it that in fact they didn’t, but which aren’t especially important anyway. In a way they don’t really know what they’re saying. They kinda say they predicted it, and often they did, but they don’t actually mean it. It’s really f***ed up. And THAT is something that almost everybody feels right now.

The central country for this is definitely the US.

This has happened now with…

* the US presidential election on 3 November, when it was widely foreseen that Trump would go mental over postal votes, at first leading in some of the swing state counts and then watching his lead evaporate and go negative when the postal votes were counted

* the 6 January certification by Congress of the Electoral College votes, when it was widely foreseen that Trump would kook out perhaps like never before, which he did.

Watching loonies act out is never amusing for anyone who has any maturity and decency, but this stuff is especially ANTI-amusing because there is a third item on this list, and it’s as follows:

* some time before or on 20 January – some have suggested the 17th, or the 19th, or the 20th itself – there will be a “storm” or “boogaloo” or “Turner’s Diaries” event, at the minimum including a gun massacre in Washington DC, possibly but not necessarily at the Capitol building; at a maximum including…well goodness knows what…perhaps a collection of such massacres in different cities, but in any case, whether something ensues that some will call “civil war” or not, a f*** of a lot of blood on the ground. There are thousands of guys in the US who think Anders Breivik and Timothy McVeigh were great fighters for a great cause – and since a proportion of them have hardly any lives whatsoever outside of stroking their guns and fantasising about being “tactical” and they haven’t twigged that going on about Hitler isn’t a sensible way to approach the aim of finding a girlfriend, some of them really are “willing” to “risk their lives” not because they “think” they’re going to reach Valhalla and “ensure the future of the white race”, but because, well, because “f*ck it”, basically. It’s “nihilist” in almost the worst possible sense of that word, and “thinking” doesn’t have much to do with it. I am seriously sympathising with those among the police and FBI who want to keep the lid on things and not find that that day’s news will lead on more massacres of the innocent or even of the not especially innocent. (Many of the young adult victims of Anders Breivik weren’t especially “nice” either, being fledgling Blairite-style politicians and manipulators, but they obviously didn’t deserve to die in a bloodbath.) These neo-Nazi larda*ses in the US can’t fight a civil war for toffees, but cause events that leave “only” a few hundred or a few thousand or a few tens of thousands of dead bodies within a day or a few days, it’s scary in the extreme to think that THAT is something these sick white power scumbags MAY be able to manage.