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Thank you for your comment. The problem now is that it seems that we have painted ourselves in the corner and have nowhere to go. UK is one of the worst hit countries both from Covid-19 deaths and from the economic point of view. But we cannot let go of the restrictions, and even at tier 4 level the virus infected numbers were rising. The NHS is getting to the point of not being able to cope. I think it is obvious that relaxing the restrictions now will only lead to lots of deaths in a short period of time. So yes, unfortunately stricter measures are needed and also yes, lots of hardship is going to be experienced. Whereas I and others may see this clearly, because of my background and what I know, others appear to not see it and believe in alternative remedies for the situation on highly contentious grounds and also seem to believe the minority opinion, even if that minority opinion is not in the centre of dealing with the medical and scientific problem. The current mess we are in is purely due to our inept government and its mishandling of the crisis, and you may have noticed now that many doctors and scientists are coming out openly criticizing the government. The doubts expressed in these blogs seem to be directed against, and doubtful of the science, and not at the politicians. That is what is so frustrating. The virus is a force majeure and dealing with it can only be done in a limited number of ways, whereas economic and mental and other sufferings, which are very real, could either wait or be dealt with in alternative ways. For example, in this time of calamity nobody should be making excessive profits, but there are some who do and they all seem to be friends and donors of the governing party.