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“Coercive mask wearing is not a minor matter, its a civil liberties issue as well as medical issue.”

It is a very minor civil liberties issue almost to the point of being inconsequential. The inconvenience is trivial, you are only asked to use a mask where you are in enclosed spaces with other people.
When I read your post what immediately came to my mind was seatbelts. Glenn ninja’d me with this. I remember when compulsory seatbelt wearing in front seats (only front seats back then) was introduced in Ireland. The same bullshit was used about that as is now used about masks. How dare the government tell me what to do. Some situations a seatbelt can cause death etc etc. It was bullshit then and is bullshit now. Wearing a seatbelt is a very minor inconvenience if any at all, has no effect on your ability to drive or sit in a car seat comfortably and has been overwhelmingly proven to reduce horrific injuries to the seatbelt wearer and others by preventing the seatbelt wearer becoming a 70Kg projectile at 60 MPH crashing into others. In 2021 nobody cares about the compulsory nature of it and most people would think you are stupid to not wear one. Much the same argument could be made about banning smoking in pubs/restaurants and probably many other things.

As for it being a medical issue. It isn’t, it just isn’t. I am talking about surgical grade masks and cloth masks here not N95 and higher grade masks. I have had to wear surgical masks for hours on end for years. So do operating theatre staff, dentists and many others. Again they are little to no inconvenience, they do not appreciably affect your ability to breath and the CO2 rebreathing is total nonsense. Kids playing cowboys and indians running about all day with cloth coverings. Gimme a break Dave. Stop taking everything they say at infowars as the “truth they don’t want you to hear.”
Wear your mask when required even if just out of respect for others and stop whining about it. It is NOT a big deal.

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