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I’ve looked at the euromomo page and it’s interesting. For some reason I had thought I’d read that their data didn’t include UK and Ireland. I was wrong. Anyhow. You can do a bit more fiddling with their graphs. From age 45 up the graphs are almost identical. The 15-44 age group does show a smaller increase. I am not sure how they define “substantial increase” but I am guessing it is related to standard deviations. I couldn’t find their explanation on the site. I am sure it is there somewhere though. The deaths for 0-14 age group are lower in 2020. I wonder if that is related to schools closing and less kids being involved in accidents.

“Other things of note are that, in Europe as a whole, the excess deaths in the second wave are still only about 50% of those experienced in the first wave,..”

Yes but is more protracted and there will be adjustments to the end of the period because of late registrations etc.

” there is some difficulty in connecting a given co-morbidity directly to covid-19 etc etc.”

I think (and may well be wrong) that Steph is referring to the mechanism by which a co-morbidity causes a greater susceptibility to serious disease. As an example, they still haven’t worked out by what mechanism diabetes makes people more susceptible apart from the generality that diabetes makes just about any disease worse.

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