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glenn_uk, people vary, even the UK government was implementing its herd immunity policy right up to March 23, while an entire tenth of the world’s population had been placed under travel restrictions; did they think the Chinese government had shut down its economy for nothing? Yes, they really did. SEP, Somebody Else’s Problem (the See Also section of that link is interesting; it includes “First they came for…” and “Sheeple’). They really were that dismissive. They’re not now.

Many people have dismissed science. Due to the corporate media’s propaganda, they see science as a matter of authority; an activity they’re excluded from. That’s why Node could post that video, and Dave refers to “the best science money can buy”. Yes, these are extreme cases, but Steph described science as changeable, which of course it is, but it doesn’t matter how much money Bill Gates gives to universities, science won’t ever go back to the phlogiston theory of combustion, and I really think a lot of people don’t get that.