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“I doubt that better rules are applied today, e.g. for dark matter or string theory, than once were applied for phlogiston……”

You could easily find out if you were so inclined.

“Isaac Newton after all had a breadth of interests that allowed him to be keen on alchemy and the study of prophecy.”

Sure, so he was a product of his time and was misdirected in some areas. His theory of gravity is still used today to send rockets to space.

Science builds upon science. I seem to remember a recent post from you referring to Skinnerian conditioning. Easy to pick and mix what suits?
So N_, by what criteria do you choose which science is valid to make your point and which isn’t, again to make your point?

All scientific inquiry is what exactly? Not even sure of your point if there is one.
You should write a doomsday sci-fi novel, I’ll suggest a title “The N_th Armageddon.”