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Getting back (more or less) on topic, I’ve been poking around the Havering Daily news site (which I linked to earlier). It turns out that Havering, a well-off borough in the North East of London, leads the way in flouting the lockdown rules and neatly demonstrates the folly of disregarding them.

Havering is notoriously home to stuffy old gammons shouting and waving their sticks at pigeons. They weren’t going to be told what to do by no government. Well, now the pigeons are coming home to roost. Havering has the highest rate of Covid infections and deaths in London.

The local MP is Andrew Rosindell, a Thatcherite trougher who gratuitously thumbed his (uncovered) nose at facemasks and social distancing.

“MP Andrew Rosindell is now advocating publicly, on Channel 4 news and BBC London news, that the Prime Minister and government scientists’ guidelines and regulations for controlling the pandemic should be rejected.
No wonder Havering has the highest number of Covid cases in the whole of London.
… As has now been widely viewed on Facebook, Rosindell was seen travelling on the tube blatantly breaking the law about wearing face masks … very close to another man, having a lengthy conversation.”
Havering Daily News, 14 Dec 2020

It’s quite fitting that Boris sacked Rosindell from his role as trade envoy for voting against the Covid restrictions. He’s a blustering covidiot.

Incidentally, the district with the worst Covid rates in Britain is Rainham, the ward represented by Cllr David Durant – a vaccine sceptic who also spurns facemasks and other lockdown rules, arguing that the Covid crisis is fuelled by “fear porn”. Just like our Dave, he cautions about the danger to the NHS:

“I fear the government is destroying the NHS and when the money runs out will say, there is no alternative but to privatise the NHS and then sell it to the Drug Cartels who fortuitously were given £100s Billions in public funding to produce a COVID-19 vaccine that isn’t needed and doesn’t work. Not needed because by the time its produced the population will have acquired herd immunity to the virus, if it hasn’t already.”

He also told Extinction Rebellion that he thought climate change is a “scam”.

With an attitude like his, he ought to represent Barking.