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We have to be more vigilant. Shi Zhengli did make the comment about uncivilised behaviour and can be cross referenced to other reliable sources. The France 24 essay on the hearsay of Gao Yu, a self styled ‘citizen journalist’.

“Gao Yu, a Chinese journalist released last week after 76 days of confinement in Wuhan, said she spoke to Shi during his incarceration and said, “We learned later that his institute had completed genetic sequencing and related testing by the January 2, but was muzzled. “

More importantly please read this interview with Shi in Science mag where she sounds very genuine.

But to come back to my original post: of course gain of function experiments are to be banned but that was not the research being carried out in this particular institute, they were carrying out genuine and important research which no doubt led to rapid sequencing of SARS cov2. Safety is of course also essential and maybe remoteness should be looked at. But I still maintain that this sort of thing is how conspiracy theories start, there is of course the possibility, then issues get mixed up, coverups get suggested, politics is involved and hey presto we have a full blown CT.
I have asked you to look at the feasibility of genuine scientists who are aware of a threat to humanity if indeed a virus has escaped in this instance and suppress the information. A genuine scientist would probably more likely tell the truth because they will know what damage can ensue and would like to limit it. A conspiracy theory scientist on the other hand will suppress the evidence, deceive journalists, have evidence suppressed by the evil CCP and waste time that could save more people, because their job matters most.