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Humans are social animals and what you are proposing “social compartmentalisation” is inhumane social isolation, and simply wouldn’t work in any society valuing work and freedom. It betrays a socialist mind set that humans can be moulded by their environment, but which ignores their spirit. And that’s assuming you can close the door to a virus, something Vincent Price found was impossible in Masque of the Red Death.

ET you ask a honest question about something that been answered a number of times. The new vaccines (albeit I’ve read they’re not vaccines but synthetic pathogens) are promoted as a preventative treatment. Take the jab and you won’t get the illness. In practice, if asked, those giving it admit it doesn’t stop you becoming ill, but they say it will mitigate the illness!

So if you’re healthy you don’t need it, because your immune system and medicines will heal you if you get ill/virus and if you’re vulnerable, its risky taking it, as a weakened immune system, due to age and other medication, may not be able to cope with any side-effects.

The problem is medication can be harmful, because any alien agent entering the body will be attacked by the immune system as an intruder, and that’s why you get side-effects, some very serious, so really you should avoid medication if possible, albeit the pros may outweigh the cons. And that’s why any safe medicine follows years of trials and monitoring. These therapeutics, are mostly medicines to help treat you once you’ve become ill.

So the question, the drug companies don’t want you to ask, is are there alternatives to drugs that can keep you healthy. Well the best way is to strengthen your immune system with healthy eating, exercise and socialising in the sunshine as this helps the body produce vital Vitamin D. (All things being banned to keep us safe). People become ill due to weakened or overwhelmed immune systems, but treatments to sooth the symptoms as the immune system fights back help, as do medicines that directly treat an illness.

The fascination with ‘vaccines’ is because the big drug cartels don’t make money from healthy living and cheap and generic medicines, the big money is in expensive ‘vaccines’ with ’emergency’ proposals to multiple jab entire populations, and with indemnity from any compensation claims. Kerching.

So its not a matter of being anti-genuine vaccines, its about a balanced health policy favouring healthy living and tried and tested medicines, not magic bullet synthetic pathogens that simply aren’t needed because most people’s bodies, except vulnerable and elderly, can deal with a illness/respiratory virus and there are many medicines, treatments, already available, but being suppressed to facilitate mass-‘vaccination’.

And bear in mind the ‘vaccination is intended to stop you getting something, not treat an illness. The reason vaccines are no longer vaccines is because once the idea was to give you a small dose of something, to make it easier for the body to fight it and gain immunity. But these new ‘vaccines’ are not the illness, but contain something else, synthetic pathogens, which remains, I believe, confidential, but definitely not highlighted, and neither are the side effects.

So why? Well corruption is endemic to humanity, the way of the world, which religions explain as our fall from grace, but which can be mitigated by social organisation in the public interest, helped by a healthy democracy holding the Executive to account.

The problem is Blair was a disaster, spiritually corrupt, and although not entirely to blame, he began the process of politicisation of independent bodies, in which Britain became more and more centralised with a few powerful people, the globalist, fascist corporate elite calling the shots. And easily controlling the underlings with the threat of being called a racist.

But then there was a populist revolt, threating the new oligarchy, and so the Great Reset, using the virus to cripple civic society and small businesses to suppress the peasants revolt to entrench the ruling elite, with is an unholy alliance of Western bankers/aristocracy, Vatican/church and Chinese Communist Party.

But having exposed themselves so clearly to suppress the revolt, Stop the Steal, will they permit a return to normality and honest elections?