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Glenn, no need to be indebted. I apologise if my post comes across as a bit cold, it wasn’t meant to be. I found the piece thanks to you. I am still pondering it and trying to find the historical references which I think would be enlightening.

“I’ve tried to go through this with a number of denialists. Consider the sheer range of institutions that would have to be involved, in order to make every country in the world comply with unnecessary regulations, for a non-existent disease, that all medical institutions need to pretend is overwhelming them, down to funeral homes/ undertakers that need to fake a massive workload all of a sudden.”

Yet that is where we find ourselves in 2021. A significant proportion of people see this as “truth.” I have no idea how to combat the non-application of analysis. Bizarrely it reminds me of the sensless football hooliganism in the 80’s. People just want to fight and align themselves with a belief regardless of any integrity of that belief. It’s irrational. I don’t get it but I’ll keep trying to get it.