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You should only use quotation marks when quoting specific words and a liberty to include ET in the tag team, who has raised pertinent objections despite apprehension you will gang up on him as an antivaxxer.

Its extreme to promote a new experimental drug and withhold informed consent. There are respiratory viruses every year, and the NHS plans accordingly and can cope, unless incompetence or politics gets in the way, made worse if debate is suppressed by intimidation by BBC/MSM and entourage.

Healthy living is banned with unhealthy edicts to stay in doors and closing leisure centres/gyms. I’m not an expert and ironically that is my immunity to the professional herd instinct to follow the flow, albeit there are 1000s of experts who debunk the official narrative.

Any health service can get overwhelmed, unless they expand their facilities to cope, and after 9 months and billions spent, there’s no excuse for a lack of capacity, albeit the Nightingale hospitals remain empty.