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Many who wholeheartedly campaign for the health benefits of natural cures, including herbal medication and vitamin supplements do not realise the contradiction in their attitude. They often do so because drugs are an establishment thing and that big pharma makes a lot of money out of these ‘unnatural’ drugs. But the drugs that pharma produces are generally useful and have improved health, treat or prevent otherwise fatal diseases such as heart disease and cancer or diabetes, with of course some glaring exceptions, but at least they are carefully regulated and have to undergo rigorous testing and post marketing surveillance. The problem with big pharma is mainly profiteering and also sometimes exaggerating the benefits.
Unlike big pharma (it is of course quite possible that big pharma also has a stake in this under another guise), the vitamin and herbal medicine racket is totally unregulated. It is a thriving industry estimated to be worth $30 billion dollars in the US and 52% of Americans apparently take at least one vitamin supplement. There are no proven health benefits from taking these vitamin supplements if you eat a healthy diet, and targeted use of vitamins may be needed in certain conditions. Moreover these products, other than being unnecessary or useless, can sometimes be harmful. Here are two articles that explain how this is the case.
It is therefore a bit rich of the conspiracy theorists who are deny that the current virus is serious and that vaccines are dangerous, to also believe in taking lots of vitamins that are untested and of little use and for which they pay lots of money to another unregulated arm of ‘big pharma’.