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It started very wordy, as if to deceive with quantity over quality, and their very first ‘fact’ was doubtful, as it claimed sceptics say there is a 99.5% recovery rate, and then claiming if not suppressed the 0.5% would kill 300,000 people in UK. I thought the mortality rate was less than 0.1%

But the latest covid-related (inflated) mortality rate is 0.15% (cumulative 100,000 out of 68m). So the figure is increasing, as a cumulative figure will, but far less than 0.5%. However as we know those most at risk are the frail elderly (including those left to die from neglect), they are claiming in effect 300,000 elderly frail would have died without the lockdown.

As there was no question, or shouldn’t have been, of no care being provided, to give a figure of 300,000 frail elderly dying is made up, like the 500,000 figure provided on behalf of the drug cartels to get the ball rolling, albeit they were toying with 1m, but thought it lacked credibility!