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well, here is the dialog I mentioned earlier

translating it for you

Yulia Navalny:
– Attaboy, Semyon, well done. Doesn’t leave hope to become a shareholder of Gazprom
Semyon Slepakov:
– Dear Julia, do you not like that I express my opinion? Then cut out my songs from your beautiful films, because this is also my view of the events that happen. Or does my position suit you only when it coincides with your own? I respect your point of view, but I am not obliged to share either it, or the methods by which you are trying to achieve your goals. Good luck in the fight between good and evil!
Leonid Volkov:
– You know, Semyon, the Kremlin selection of themes in verse is still a Kremlin selection. It smells of the same shit. But in poetry.
Semyon Slepakov:
– You know, Leonid, if you smell strong shit, then I have two news, good and bad. Good is – you don’t have Covid. Bad is – you can’t run away from yourself, so you have to live with it. Get used to it.

Today Slepakov’s Twitter account is suspended!

Nice sweet good Navalny and his team, fighters for freedom and human rights in Russia!
Looks like nobody is more totalitarian than a russian libertarian 🙂