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josh R


“Nobody is forcing people to wear a motorcycle helmet, but it’s compulsory if you want to ride a motorbike on public roads.”

What a load of tosh!

Wearing a motorcycle helmet is not at all equivalent to having a ‘permitted for emergency use’ but not ‘approved’ in the usual sense of the word, experimental gene therapy injected into your body.
Neither is being able to have a job &, ultimately, the ability to engage freely in all aspects of society equivalent to riding a motorbike on public roads.

hmmmmmm, how could your point perhaps be even mildly equivalent?

Perhaps if you had to agree to have a motorcycle helmet glued to your head for all time; using an adhesive that many industry insiders and eminently qualified professionals are concerned might be horribly toxic to many & not even do the job it claims to; produced & rushed to market by companies with no liability & a shocking history of criminal fraud, on the promise of riches beyond any dream of avarice; under the coercion of a political class you wouldn’t trust to feed your dog or change your baby’s nappy; when those expressing dissenting opinions are suspiciously & conveniently deplatformed, criminalised, lampooned or outright smeared & raided by state enforcers under spurious emergency regulations; where the mainstream narrative is swamped with vested interests with a track record of simply ‘echoing’ our master’s voice; with establishment & military “influencer” organisations enthusiastically engaged in “managing the narrative”…….
…..well, I guess you’d have to be a tin foil hat wearing, conspiracy theorist, domestic extremist, biological terrorist, anti-helmet’er lunatic not to ride your motorcycle on the public roads under those conditions?

“I trust that he has signed a waver, so the NHS will not have to treat his illness should he contract Covid-19”

And your last resort is to gleefully wish death on your self appointed “other”, fkn diabolical.
I suppose that person who drove home drunk and caused a car accident should just be left by the side of the road to die of their injuries? that smoker with lung cancer should be refused treatment and left to wither away as cancer eats through their flesh? regardless of who they are, what they’ve contributed to society or the fact that they are also a human being?

If you’re so convinced by the jab, good luck to you. If you think it protects you & your loved ones, I hope it does. But once your mind is at rest and you relax in the knowledge that you are safe from symptoms (irrespective of whether you’re actually still contracting and transmitting infections whilst flaunting your vaccine passport), give it a rest with the vitriolic hatred & name calling of those who might, quite legitimately, make a different decision to you.

for fks sake, it’s folk like you who’d have people wearing colourful patches on their shirts to denote their ‘admissibility’ in society…… or maybe you’re just spinning a line for a few shillings?