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josh R



Yawn! up pops that well worn & utterly predictable trope. Good that you waited till the end of your reply to slip it in, otherwise I’d have dropped off before reading the rest of what you had to type.

“First you bemoan the fact that they were exposed to danger…”

Perhaps I didn’t express my thoughts as coherently as I’d hoped, but I was not intending to “bemoan” their predicament, I had hoped to elevate it to something akin to a heroic & selfless effort under the conditions as they appeared, perhaps worthy of not writing them off if they subsequently express a reluctance to get jabbed.

I have no direct knowledge of what life has been like over there for you all or for care workers in particular. A more careful reading of the paragraph you quoted might suggest that I don’t even assert with any confidence this “danger” you assert I felt they’d been exposed to:

“…what was presented as…”
“…supposedly dangerous…”
“…apparently posed to them….”

“One hopes that those indulging in healthcare are able to differentiate between data about vaccine safety and efficacy and propaganda broadcasted by antivaxxers.”

I readily admit that people in this field may, even more so than the average person, be able to differentiate between propaganda & safety & efficacy data. On that basis, I am particularly interested when such large numbers of people in the medical profession & frontline staff are expressing a reluctance to join the trials.

Of course, I’m assuming the premise behind your last paragraph is the myopic assumption that anything contradicting the demands to get jabbed is mindless “propaganda” and all the “data” is in support of the government diktat, which is a pretty hopeful & mindless presumption on both counts.

I don’t do Facebook or Twitter and, when it comes to such important questions of health & well being, I don’t take my cue from polemic comments on line.

But when VPs & chief scientific officers of the very companies bringing products to market raise concerns, I pay attention.

When someone within the very institutions & companies spearheading the rush to jab the lot of us, with a resume brimming full of “senior program officer-global health vaccine discovery (BMGF)”, “director, research program leader head of adjuvants”, “chief innovation & scientific officer”, “global project director influenza vaccines”, “program manager (GAVI)”, “head of adjuvant technologies (GSK)”, is jumping out of his skin urging caution & warning of inherent dangers, I listen.

That list goes on & on over the past 12 months, of people with no conflict of interest except their interest expressed through the Hippocratic oath, common sense and concern for humanity, backed up by lifetime careers in their respective fields. It’s science! and all about discussion, with some opinions eventually proving more correct or knowledgeable than others.
It should not be about political diktats, suppressing dissenting opinions & over paid behavioural scientists & perception managers trying to massage the public will, through fear & hatred, to conform to ages old, pre established aims set out in vainglorious efforts such as Event 201 or the WEF’s arse buggering Great Reset.

And perhaps those care workers you’d gladly cast on the scrap heap now they’ve served their purpose at the “coal face” might know something you don’t.

Like I said in my comment to glenn_uk, if you want to give it a go, good luck to you & I wish you well, but drop the “holier than thou” bullsh!t & stop regurgitating the facile ad hominem attacks at people expressing their perfectly rational concerns (I’ve seen them pop up regularly in the comments section).
Or don’t! it’s still a free world, in theory, so type what you want.

Personally, I won’t be suspending critical thought & placing my faith in some foppish, Bullingdon eejit & his assorted sycophants, or in utterly compromised, regulatory institutions staffed by revolving door, Pharma profiteers, financed by a specky twat who used to sell computers before getting caught indulging his faintly eugenicist leanings in India, Nigeria & Kenya.

I can say with certainty that I won’t be joining the experimental gene therapy (mRNA) trials, even when they are finalised in 2022 or 2023, quite possibly. I may consider one of the other more traditional ‘vaccines’, if they prove to be just that i.e they prevent infection & transmission rather than simply suppressing symptoms (& haven’t killed too many people in the meantime).

I’ve had any number of vaccines/medical interventions over the years & love the advances being made in these fields.
But I’ve also had any number of opportunities to see just how shockingly inept, disingenuous & depraved politicians, Pharma peddlers & other sociopathic profiteers can be over the past 20 or 30 years, so I wouldn’t bet my life on them.