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J, thanks. Obviously, I’d see no point in watching a film if it was as inaccurate as that.

I’m unlikely to watch it anyway; I’m more interested in how we can be rid of covid than where it came from, though I’m still intrigued by the possibility that it leaked from a lab – I regard gain-of-function virus research as a major risk, and I’d like to see a comprehensive overhaul of lab security, requiring labs to have proper live-in and quarantine facilities, permitted only in sparsely populated regions, all regulated by international treaty and inspections like the nuclear NPT and IAEA:

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Threatened pandemics and laboratory escapes: Self-fulfilling prophecies
By Martin Furmanski | March 31, 2014

What we should learn from covid is that, if a “secretive elite cult” did indeed release a weaponised virus to cause “significant reduction in the global population”, or if such a thing just arose naturally or escaped a lab, we the people would be catastrophically unprepared. It could rip through our societies, sped on its way by governments unwilling to reconfigure the economy, disinformation from the corporate media, and wild rumours that it didn’t exist, it was a hoax, and any measures to slow it were also a hoax.

We would urgently need to reconfigure our societies to erect barriers against it by compartmentalising, implementing travel restrictions and quarantine, but we’d be paralysed by having for so long abdicated our personal and societal initiative and responsibility to centralised “governments” that really only serve big business.