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ET – “They made a hash of it this time despite all their skills drills.”

Well of course, because as is well known, all that’s left of humanity’s hollowed-out public sector is set of taxpayer funded government mega-clients for the mega-corporations. It’s not remotely secret, it’s called neoliberalism, and a fair chunk of the population have been actually voting for it for the last forty years.

It doesn’t matter how many simulations are held; a neoliberal system won’t take the blindest bit of notice of them. It’ll dismiss all recommendations with the need to “cut through government red tape” and arrogantly proclaim that “we must leave it to the market; there is no alternative”.
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ET, thanks for your summary of the video:

“it isn’t inaccurate at all, he mostly describes the chronology of the different Johns Hopkins hosted events”

In that case, J’s remark that a previous simulation ‘posited that a “secretive elite cult” has deliberately released a weaponised Corona virus to cause “significant reduction in the global population.”’ is presumably so. How quaint! Of course the Agenda 21 depopulation conspiracy theory has been around for donkey’s years, but it was very generous of John Hopkins Uni to pay such tribute to it.

Of course to conspiracy theorists this just has to be an elaborate double-bluff; “they” pre-publish their diabolical plans just so they can laugh at us all the more, like the villains in Scooby Doo.