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Mr. Goss is such a sweet and kind person, and I owe him for his kind care, that I do not find the strength to criticize him for his wrong views. I prefer to believe that he is doing this out of sincere delusion and good intentions.

I am sure that my presence on this blog creates a lot of reasons to ban me. Which makes my admiration for Mr. Murray and the moderating team all the more. As annoyed as they might be, I’m not forbidden to speak out nonetheless.

I also feel ashamed that I had to cancel my subscription. Before Covid, I spent my personal earnings on my own needs, but now I fully invest in the family budget. Unfortunately my husband does not speak English, has no interest in international affairs, and is generally suspicious of my presence here. He says sarcastically that I’m wasting my time with “some Lagavulen dude” sorry.
But I intend to renew subscriptions and donations as soon as finances allow.

Mr. Murray has repeatedly said that he doesn’t set up any payment walls for visitors to this blog – everyone is equal in the right to read and speak, regardless of finances.