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“We know that bullies everywhere are fond of denying the experience of their victims. Do you disagree? And here you are insisting that everyone is lying apart from you and let me add that I do accept take your point, these people could be lying, although you don’t attempt to prove it, you merely assume. (This is a value judgement, is it not?)”

Amazing allegations J. I accused no one of lying, just that they have not produced any coherent evidence, first of the occurrence of what they describe and the relative numbers involved, and secondly of the causal link between what they have supposedly sand vaccinations. Their story, is just a series of anecdotes. Anyone can make these allegations and sometimes perceptions can lead to distortions and misconceptions. Interestingly this is a very well known device used by conspiracy theorists, stress actors, Sandy Hook etc…, you know what I mean. Also interestingly the same people go on about died with rather than died of when it comes to the virus, but anybody who has been run over by a bus, died of the vaccine (reductio ad absurdum I know – I hope you have some sense of humour!)

J seriously though, what exactly are you trying to prove? The simplistic title of your post is rather naïve. What side is there to pick? I hope we all want to pick the side of humanity, saving lives and conquering disease. Some of us have the knowledge and the experience of this first hand and others are so far removed that they do not recognise how difficult and absurd it is to make some of these allegations that are floated. The PCR is a useless test, the virus does not exist, the virus is no worse than the flu, ivermectin and chloroquine are so good but the evil doctors are suppressing the evidence, and many more absurdities. There is no one side and there is no one solid group of deniers, there are just so much irritating background noise that actually detracts from the real mismanagements and mistakes and manipulations by politicians and others. What you are doing is detracting from serious issues by accusing us of either being evil or misguided. You are the bully.