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MN: “Clark, we are being asked to pick a side.”

Only an idiot would make such a request, and why should anyone comply with it?

Only an idiot thinks everything is a great chance to make it an “Us Vs Them” fight, a chance to divide individuals, families and countries, so that one “side” can go slinging insults and build a case against the “other”.

You would have to be even more stupid to be so committed to your “side” that you’re willing to use any propaganda, lies, highly dubious sources, pseudo-science, and even jump into bed with deeply unpleasant far-right movements – just because you think it furthers your “side”. Even to the point of complete dishonesty, stating provable falsehoods without having the decency to admit it once it’s so blatantly apparent. This is what anti-vaxxers and denialists do as a matter of course.

It’s really sad that such idiots are so common.