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A response from ‘J’ has not been forthcoming, though there have been some attempts which were deemed unacceptable. Please note that ‘J’ wasn’t banned, but seems to be self-excluding.

You may recall that ‘J’ was notified about being placed on pre-moderation, in the comment dated June 23 @ 7:32pm, due to a string of violations of commenting guidelines and etiquette along with attacks on the integrity of moderators. Minutes later ‘J’ posted a brief reply which merely expressed “contempt” for moderation decisions – it wasn’t published, for obvious reasons. The next reply comprised only a link to a news story about cases of post-vaccination heart inflammation in 8 boys in San Diego; this too was deleted for making no original argument.

‘J’ posted again 5 days later, and the next five replies (28 June 28 – 1 July) were approved for publication because they were judged to be meaningful contributions to the debate.

‘J’s subsequent reply on 2 July was not approved as it was simply a jeering provocation devoid of any argumentative content: “Very much enjoying the spectacle of this circle jerk. It’s been very revealing so far.” It also suggested that ‘J’ did not intend to engage other commenters in good faith.

‘J’ then tried to post a complaint about that comment being censored by the mods, along with yet another insult directed towards the other participants in the discussion. There was no reason for a moderator to approve that one for publication either.

The next proffered reply (on 5 July) comprised 3 web links to information about a Board member of Pfizer, followed by a note for moderators: “[Mods, I’ve copied the post and I’ll keep reposting it till everyone on this blog has seen it.]”.

It was quickly followed by two identical replies exclaiming: “Oh look at that photo —–> He’s also a board member at the World Economic Forum:”

‘J’ has not tried to post any replies in the 10 days since then. Despite those complaints about being blocked and censored, ‘J’ is still allowed to make a contribution to the debate, provided there is a genuine attempt to engage in the discussion without jeering, false accusations or snide remarks. As that possibility seems quite remote now, this discussion may have run its course.