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“Carbon can’t be the devil, almost all life is carbon based.”

Who is stating it is? It isn’t about carbon per se, it’s about certain molecules acting as greenhouse gases some of which contain carbon some of which don’t.

The sun heats the planet, the planet reflects some of that heat back to space cooling us. Greenhouse gases absorb some of that reflected heat and re-reflect it back to us, warming us more. The energy required to heat the atmosphere through 1 degree Celsius is equivalent to 144,000,000 Hiroshima bombs exploding simultaneously (see below). All that extra energy is in the system and climate events thus are more energetic (more rain, more snow, more heat, more whatever depending on the climate event). To heat the oceans through 1 degree Celsius requires 1000 fold more energy than atmosphere so even a small increase in ocean temperatures means a large amount of energy. Heat is energy ultimately (in the pure physics sense) and a warmer planet means more energy stored within its systems.

“Why is Scotland constructing Methane burning ships? Sturgeon is as green as grass with her new green mates.
   If Germany is the great white hope of Europe, why are they making their base Methane?”

Your argument is that if Scotland and Germany are saying methane is ok, then it must be ok? Really? Perhaps Scotland is invested in its natural gas reserves and Germany in NordStream 2?

“Methane is cleaner than clean compared to brown coal”

I overstated the leakage issue (bad memory) but did you read either of the links in my previous post and did they not give pause for thought?

“All life can not stop because of covid.”

It never did stop anywhere if by “life” you mean daily activities. For sure, some stuff was curtailed.

“All life can not stop because some do not like carbon.”

Who is advocating for that? I’ll repeat, it’s not carbon that is the issue it is greenhouse gases (and pollution). The amount of carbon on the planet will remain the same no matter what we do.

I made back-of-envelope calculations using figures from here and here should you wish to check them out.