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Oct 10, 10:52 – “This aggression between France and the U.K. only started to reemerge, after our 2016 Referendum.”

It became more apparent after the Brexit referendum, but it had been churning along for decades as a competition between factions of the rich and powerful, and was reflected in the massive, decades-long propaganda campaign in several “British” newspapers – They [the EU] “are discriminating against our pork pies / names of cheeses / names of ice cream / shape of bananas / interfering with our oven gloves” and They refuse to disperse all the destitute, smelly, dangerous immigrants accumulating at Calais trying to get onto our sovereign soil” – as if us peasants had any sovereignty at all, let alone over the land beneath our feet! Such sovereignty belongs only to the rich and powerful.

I suspect that this inter-elite rivalry had much to do with Finance, especially the City of London as gateway for dark money to the unaccountable tax havens of UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs), British Dependencies etc; a plethora of tiny islands left over from the British Empire. The EU was keener to regulate such finance than was Westminster, the latter always in the grip of The City, the City’s Remembrancer having discretionary but permanent and continuous powers similar to The Speaker in the House of Commons.

Oct 7, 08:46 – ‘You could say […] in a way, it’ [voting for Brexit] ‘was a “peasants revolt”’

But the idea never originated with the common people; why should it? You said yourself, you never had anything against people from France, no objection to them visiting your home or you visiting theirs; building such links is healthy for peace and cooperation. The idea was promoted by certain “news” papers and their websites. And look who seized upon it and championed it – the right-most faction of the Conservative party! Hardly the representatives of the common people.

Oct 10, 10:52 – “Boris does not have to win a General Election to remain Prime minister of the United Kingdom but Emmanuel Macron must have a face off for retaining his crown as President of France, next Spring.”

Yes, this is the situation right now, but my parody of Theresa May as Emmanuel Macron illustrates that elite-versus-elite rivalry is permanent; the participants change but the propaganda remains systematically constant.

Oct 10, 10:52 – “Democracy cannot exist in the E.U.”

This is one of the deceptions promoted by the same “news” papers that had been propagandising for Brexit. It has two prongs; (1) that Westminster democracy works and (2) that EU democracy doesn’t exist. Both are ridiculous exaggerations. There is massive democratic deficit in nearly every so-called democracy; look what happened to Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders. And every EU country has some form of inadequate democracy – the EU Constitution doesn’t even permit a country to join or remain in the EU unless it is “democratic”, ie. it makes some pretence at democracy like the UK and US do.

When in the EU all UK voters could vote in EU elections. Most never bothered, except towards the end when, again encouraged by the pro-aggression media propaganda, many voted for UKIP MEPs. Voters never bothered because most were barely aware – most of “our” “news”papers treated EU elections as a joke if they bothered to mention them at all; they never even named or interviewed our candidates – propaganda by omission.
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Michael, you clearly appreciate Craig’s opinions regarding, for instance, Russia and Syria. I think you should pay more attention to what he has written about Westminster’s relationship with the EU. Please, please carefully read the following posts of his, and consider and introspect upon them; compare them with the attitudes you’ve been projecting on this thread:

Johnson Intended to Break the Withdrawal Agreement Even Before He Signed It

Bad Faith Negotiation

Channel Islands Fisheries and Abuse by Tory Jingoism

Macron is no angel; very few of the ruling classes behave as truly decent people, because when a decent, caring, reasonable person is likely to gain power, as Corbyn was, the media unite to denigrate them. But these problems are not all of Macron’s making; they’ve been stirred by the propaganda industry for decades. It takes two to tango, and a crowd to brawl. If our friends behaved as aggressively as most politicians we’d dismiss them as undesirable and break off the friendship.