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This is not a conspiracy theory, nor is it surprising, nor is it shattering news:
Pfizer to pay record $2.3 billion penalty

There are many instances of drug companies faking and manipulating data and so on. There are also many instances of motor car manufacturers doing the same. In the case you cited, this is part of a large-scale clinical trial involving many centres, and this particular operator was negligent or faulty or incompetent. It does not invalidate the whole trial result, nor the trial results of other vaccines, nor the real-life observations since the trials where vaccines were given to millions, that vaccines are safe and effective.
A conspiracy theory in the context used here, is that a few individuals are conspiring to control all the scientific establishment worldwide to fake results including that the virus exists, so as to make an ineffective vaccine with vast profits, or to manipulate our DNA, or to spy on us, or any other activity the particular conspiracy theorists want to ascribe to these conspiracists. So can you please explain to me what your beliefs are here and what are you trying to prove by this post?