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michael norton

It is most certainly correct that some institutions have made profit from th Pandemic.
It is all but impossible in England to see a G.P.
It now takes over half an hour to get past the robots before you can speak to the receptionist, who then insist on leaning of your intimate problems, if you do not agree to this opening up, you will never, even get to speak to a doctor, let alone see one.
They revel in it.
Most people have not got three quarters of an hour to push buttons on their phone, to listen to non-stop robot speel.
The last thing they want you to do, is to be able to see an actual doctor face to face.
Is it fear or is it the regaining of the power they once held over us, the sneering at the lower uneducated orders?
M.P’s are another lot
they are innaccessable, they no longer will meet their people, unless you want to bung them money.

We are now detatched from powerful people and that is how the powerful like it, we should be pleased to accept any crumb.
The Pandemic has caused this.