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    “Do we control our own minds?”

    How would we know? Have a read through this “Behind NATO’s ‘cognitive warfare’: ‘Battle for your brain’ waged by Western militaries” a report on a NATO presentation.

    “Now, NATO is spinning out an entirely new kind of combat it has branded cognitive warfare. Described as the “weaponization of brain sciences,” the new method involves “hacking the individual” by exploiting “the vulnerabilities of the human brain” in order to implement more sophisticated “social engineering.”

    “Humans are the contested domain,” and “future conflicts will likely occur amongst the people digitally first and physically thereafter in proximity to hubs of political and economic power.”

    “In a chilling disclosure, the report said explicitly that “the objective of Cognitive Warfare is to harm societies and not only the military.”

    “Cognitive warfare positions the mind as a battle space and contested domain. Its objective is to sow dissonance, instigate conflicting narratives, polarize opinion, and radicalize groups. Cognitive warfare can motivate people to act in ways that can disrupt or fragment an otherwise cohesive society.”

    “Cognitive warfare overlaps with Big Tech corporations and mass surveillance, because “it’s all about leveraging the big data,” du Cluzel explained. “We produce data everywhere we go. Every minute, every second we go, we go online. And this is extremely easy to leverage those data in order to better know you and use that knowledge to change the way you think.”

    “Cognitive warfare has universal reach, from starting with the individual to states and multinational organizations,” he said. “Its field of action is global and aim to seize control of the human being, civilian as well as military.”

    “Gothi reassured corporate investors that NATO will bend over backward to defend their bottom lines: “I can assure everyone that the NATO innovation challenge indicates that all innovators will maintain complete control of their intellectual property. So NATO won’t take control of that. Neither will Canada. Innovators will maintain their control over their IP.”

    Sorry for all the quotes Mods but I think they kinda speak for themselves. There are many more in the article from NATO staff. Perhaps the climate crisis will do us all a favour by eradicating humanity because we are clearly not up to the task of self determination or self governance if this is where we have arrived without absolute horror from our governments. It’s repulsive.

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    michael norton

    The point I was trying to make was, as a nation we are extremely overweight and unfit.
    That is one of the reasons why covid has hit the U.K. so hard.

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    “Then somebody invented convenience, from there most of our health has gone down hill, rapidly over the last forty years”

    The last part of that statement is not actually true. Most health metrics have significantly improved over that time period from life expectancy to cancer survival rates to infant mortality, maternal mortality etc etc. Obesity however ain’t one of those improved metrics. There is nothing necessarily wrong with convenience in itself, that is why stuff like washing machines got invented. As a first year student, I used to have to hand wash my clothes which was a royal pain in the ass. I don’t miss that. As for product deliveries, I think I’ve said it before it is better to have one truck deliver 50 people’s product than 50 cars drive to get those same products. It is a bit anti-social admittedly.

    When it comes to food though MN, I agree with you. If they are going to make it available then government has a duty to ensure it doesn’t affect health adversely. Remember all those spats about labelling food items? Most likely first in the USA someone will take to court the food manufacturers because of adverse health outcomes like they did the tobacco industry. The sooner the better. Personally, I mostly cook for myself from scratch.

    Obesity is a problem and bariatric medicine has become a specialty in itself. Some of the health problems are problems of longevity that formerly people didn’t live long enough to get. I am surprised more people don’t actually cook for themselves more often, it’s a lot cheaper and you eat better tasting food.

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    Michael – “Then somebody invented convenience…”

    A load of companies invented “convenience” – as a marketing ploy. Ingredients are just ingredients; you can get them from a street market, an allotment or your neighbours. But a supermarket meal requires factories, depots, refrigerated lorries, and – marketing departments. All things that only big companies can afford.

    I can just imagine the headlines if reform of this were suggested – all those people who’d be out of work! Nothing to do with the adverts that fund the media, obviously 😀

    ET – “I am surprised more people don’t actually cook for themselves more often…”

    A lot of people don’t have much time and are completely knackered after work. Plus it’s hard to learn to cook from books or video, because judging when something is ‘done’ is a matter of smell. How many people have time to teach others to cook? In the industrialised world we’re losing all our traditional skills; abdicating them to the industrial system.
    – – – – – – – –

    It amazes me how self-reinforcing the system is. This is why I have considerable sympathy for conspiracy theorists and take the time to discuss with them – it seems so much like a conspiracy, like someone incredibly evil has planned all this out in advance, but it’s an emergent phenomenon.

    Even NATO is late to the party with its “cognitive warfare”. The advertising and PR industries have been doing this for decades.

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    Michael, I’m pretty sure you’re right that bad food and lack of exercise are making matters worse with covid, and all sorts of other poor health.

    But people should avoid covid anyway, and avoid transmitting it. We’ve still had less than two years to discover its effects; what if it triggers cancer or something, ten years after infection? Maybe it’ll do that especially in people who had it when they were kids, heaven forbid, but biology is complicated so we’re not going to find out for years. It’s particularly worrying that the virus exploits our cells’ ACE2 receptors because so many different tissue types express them.

    I’m very wary of the “it mostly kills those who were already old, ill or unfit” message because it spreads complacency – and to make matters worse, complacency seems to be exactly what the UK government wants. Yes, we know it often kills the old and the ill, but we won’t know for a long time yet what it might be doing to the young and healthy.

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    Me, 09:28 – “…but it’s an emergent phenomenon”

    Unknown – “The devil’s greatest trick was convincing everyone that he didn’t exist.”

    People blame other people and fail to notice the systems. Everyone’s looking for the “bad people” – the political left blames the political right and vice versa, people blame other countries and vice versa – “them”. We’ll never find the problems by looking for “them” because the problems are in patterns rather than people. And all of us are embedded in patterns.

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    michael norton

    Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Bosnia,
    anyway, you get the message, what used to be called Eastern Europe, has very, very high death rates with covid.

    Deaths are also now going up in the U.K. from covid as well as the numbers in Critical Care.

    I wonder when the next “Plan” kicks in. Perhaps they ought to start the next plan, quite quickly?

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    michael norton

    If you look at the last week trend, some European countries are skyrocketing.

    Czech Republic = + 108 %
    Liechtenstein = + 105 %
    Hungary = + 88 %
    Poland = + 88 %
    Slovenia = + 68 %
    Belgium = + 68 %
    Croatia = + 59%
    Austria = + 49 %
    Slovakia = + 45 %
    Netherlands = + 41 %

    Germany = + 26 %

    Rather alarming.

    What I guess is happening is that most of the rest of Europe is catching up with the U.K. and Russia.
    Is this mostly a new strain of covid, even more infectious than Delta, that is sweeping Europe?

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    michael norton

    Currently, only the U.S.A. has more daily cases of covid than the U.K. but they have a population of a third of a billion.

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    Which is why x per million population is a better comparitive metric to use. Currently the UK has 690 new cases per million compared to the USA with 220/million. However the USA deaths/million is more than double the UK at about 5 deaths per million compared to UK slightly less than 2/million. Romania has over 20 deaths per million., choose any metric and with each chart you can remove or add in countries you want to see/compare.

    “I wonder when the next “Plan” kicks in. Perhaps they ought to start the next plan, quite quickly?”

    Asked on Friday about the possibility of a winter lockdown, Boris Johnson said there was “absolutely nothing to indicate that that is on the cards at all”.
    Rishi Sunak, also said the vaccine rollout and booster jabs made a lockdown or “very significant economic restrictions” unlikely.

    That phrase “very significant economic restrictions” is telling in that it points to what considerations they are prioritising.

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    Delta variant AY.4.2 is probably more infectious than original Delta but it’s still at relatively low levels. My guess is that rising infection prevalence is partly immunity from early vaccinations now dropping, partly increasing complacency. Maybe autumnal weather encouraging people to be indoors more, but that could be checked by correlating infection prevalence in different areas against relevant weather data.

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    michael norton

    Just seen H.R. Clinton on Andrew Marr. She is promoting her new book.

    She claimed that the U.K. is sleepwalking into a covid winter of large proportions. She claimed in New York, they are mandating employers to tell employees, that either, by a certain date, they must be double jabbed or they will be sacked. H.R.Clinton thinks this should also be taken up in the U.K. if we are to break the chain of transmission. I really dislike Clinton but in this she is probably right.

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    michael norton

    I think the care homes must now sack people who will not get vaccinated for flu and covid.

    I think our new Health Secretary is going to order the same for the NHS.

    In my view this should already have happened.

    How to work on the five million, who still will not get vaccinated.
    Covid Passports, no passport, no public transport, no entry to public buildings, no entry to entertainment places.
    No going overseas.

    This will shock many of the refusniks into getting jabbed and may save us all from repeated Lock-Downs.

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    michael norton

    If you glance at the graph of Poland, after a long flat stretch they are now going up steeply, like most of the other Eastern European countries.
    This nightmare, seems to be going on and on.

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    michael norton

    The Spanish Flu of 1918, lasted just over two years. So we may have a way to go.
    About five million people have been said to have died from covid.
    The Spanish flu, could have been as many as one hundred million.

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    michael norton

    Shocked, I tell you.

    “Attendees at COP26 will not need a vaccine passport for the major summit, the Scottish Government has confirmed, amid calls for the scheme to be scrapped. The confirmation has sparked fury from hospitality groups and follows the troubled launch of the vaccine status app on Thursday.

    Scottish Labour said the scheme would have led to “chaos” at the COP26 summit and would add “insult to injury” for businesses forced to abide by the certification rules.”

    This is going to be a super-super-spreader-event.
    So the dustbinmen will be on strike. The railways will be on strike.
    No Scottish covid passport needed in the venue of twenty five thousand souls but outside of the venue, you will need one. What do they expect to happen in Glasgow, other than a fiasco?
    It so obviously should have been put on hold. Time enough for the jamboree after the pandemic has played out, that might be years, yet.

    Why are they letting this go ahead when the country is currently being ravaged by the covid pandemic.

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    “Why are they letting this go ahead when the country is currently being ravaged by the covid pandemic.”

    Political capital, both personal for BJ and for the UK as a whole, vanity and not letting down thousands of people who will have put much work into it. Also, there will have been a lot of impetus for it from various climate change concerned folk. I am inclined to agree with you MN that it ought to be postponed, and the real negotiations and horse trading can take place online as they probably will do anyway.

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    G7 or whatever it was in Cornwall; that certainly caused a spike in infections.

    Climate science certainly doesn’t need COP26. It’s obvious what needs to be done; we’ve got two or three decades to get through while solar infrastructure is built, and limited fossil energy resources to do it with. All governments need to conserve resources for that vital task, or we’ll run out of fuel and overload the atmosphere before making our new energy system self sustaining.

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    “Why are they letting this go ahead when the country is currently being ravaged by the covid pandemic.”

    Why do they do any of the shit they do? Come on, tell me the last competent government action you witnessed. Anyone? I can think of only one; New Zealand closing its borders. So it’s not impossible, but God are they few and far between.

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    As michael has written elsewhere, our covid and climate threads keep converging and intertwining. I have therefore expounded upon my off-topic remark above (yesterday, 21:18):

    “All governments need to conserve resources for that vital task, or we’ll run out of fuel and overload the atmosphere before making our new energy system self sustaining.”

    somewhere just below this link on the climate change thread.

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    michael norton

    Hi contributors, this from Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, who helped design the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine

    “It is unfair to ‘bash’ Britain over its large Covid outbreak compared to Europe because it is testing up to ten times more people, an Oxford expert has said.

    Official figures show the UK currently has the highest infection rate on the continent, except for a few countries in eastern Europe.”

    So as most of had guessed, the U.K. is testing multiple cases more than our Western European partners, therefor we find many more mild cases of covid.
    This is why many countries in Western Europe have a high number of people in serious condition but very, very, very few new daily cases are reported.
    It is as we guessed, apples and oranges.

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    Pigeon English

    How about (HIS)Astra Zeneca not performing well?

    Just saying !

    260 is not big problem as long as NHS can cope. As long as people are not in corridors gasping for air we are fine across Europe. It’s called collateral demmage. We hope that vaccines will prevent pilling up of bodies and the stream of dead will be nicely distributed over next 100 days and not spoil f-ing Xmas. After all everything has to do with Xmas.

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    If you look at the various data graphs MN do you agree with Sir Andrew or is he spinning?

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    Lab leak cover-up gaining evidence all the time now…

    “Notice how the diagram comparing the aa sequences of various viruses was truncated just before the furin cleavage site insertion (yellow line), even though this left a shorter line in the diagram. Why would you do that?”

    “It makes less and less sense that the WIV didn’t even mention the unique furin cleavage site insertion when they described SARS2 for the first time in their @Nature paper. They had a pipeline for looking for these cleavage sites in rare novel SARSrCoVs.”

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    Yes the UK does more testing, but the UK also has a lot of covid. Check the deaths per million population in the last seven days because deaths are independent of how much testing is being done:

    In Western Europe the UK is highest at 14 per million, closely followed by Ireland at 13 and Isle of Man at 12. The next closest Western European countries are Belgium and Austria at 9.

    I still think the most revealing thing is to look at variation over time. I just opened the Worldometer daily cases curves for a load of European countries. We should all by now be familiar with the shapes of covid waves; compare a country’s current figures against its earlier peaks. France, Spain and Sweden are in troughs. Belgium, Denmark and probably Italy are just on the rise. Germany and Austria have been rising for a while and are quite high.

    The UK has abandoned all social restrictions and positively encourages infection with its schools policy. Around my way hardly anyone’s even taking precautions any more. What would be the point? It’ll get to you through the school kids anyway. Protection from our early vaccinations is also wearing off, so the UK’s on a high and rising plateau.

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    “Let’s say someone discovers a unicorn for the first time. And instead of describing its horn, they describe every other minute difference between the unicorn and regular horses.

    – Would you not be suspicious that something irregular was going on?”

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    Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance was enhancing MERS-CoV in Wuhan as well bat coronaviruses. MERS has a 35% fatality rate.

    It looks like the world was lucky that it was only SARS-CoV-2 that escaped.

    “Changing the receptor binding site on MERS is sort of crazy,” wrote Jack Nunberg, a virologist and director of the Montana Biotechnology Center at the University of Montana, in an email to The Intercept after reviewing the documents. “Although these new chimeric viruses may retain properties of the MERS-CoV genetic backbone, engineering of a known human pathogen raises new and unpredictable risks beyond those posed by their previously reported studies using a non-pathogenic bat virus backbone.” The researchers’ intent, which some scientists consider integral to defining gain-of-function, remains unclear.

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    michael norton

    ET “If you look at the various data graphs MN do you agree with Sir Andrew or is he spinning?”

    I would not like to say, I am not a professor. There is much acceleration in Eastern Europe in reported cases and deaths. Germany seem to be having great difficulties, they revised their figures for yesterday, from 20,000 to 20,069. We cannot be sure how reliably they are now reporting as a few days ago they were only claiming 3,000 – 4,000 / day.
    So if could be a reassesment of recent figures or a previous underreporting of figures or they are really starting to skyrocket?

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    michael norton

    “The U.N. health agency says Europe stood out as the only major region worldwide to report an increase in both coronavirus cases and deaths over the last week, with double-digit percentage increases in each.”

    It does seem like Europe is in a very bad place. Russia is in a ghastly place, with their country shut down for a week, to aid containment. Some think it has got so bad because of vaccine refusal. Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine and Turkey are doing very badly.
    Now even Germany is feeling the pain. So my keep asking, why is the U.K. doing so badly, while most of Europe barely has any covid, is starting to be turned on its head. As ET has said, different countries are at different stages in their curves.
    As many European countries are starting to vaccinate children and give third doses to older adults, perhaps things will calm down. I think this is going to run and run, we will be encouraged to have booster each year, for years to come.

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    michael norton

    “BERLIN, Oct 28 (Reuters) – Germany’s coronavirus caseload took its biggest jump in two weeks on Thursday, with over 28,000 new infections, the Robert Koch Institute said, adding heft to worries about restrictions this winter.”

    “The number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care units (ICUs) has risen 15% within a week, the head of the German Hospital Federation (DKG), Gerald Gass, told the Redaktionsnetwork Deutschland media group.
    If the trend continues, he said, there could be 3,000 cases in the ICU in two weeks.”

    Sorry, I wrote the wrong covid case number for Germany. October 28, 2021 at 04:56

    If you do not count Spain or France, everything for Europe, East of France is going mental.
    I wonder if this is because Delta is now the main strain, in Eastern Europe, as we were told it is a lot more transmissible. I have not been to Germany for thirty five years, then they all seemed to follow all the rules, exactly, I would not know, if that is still the case.

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    Good news – A cheap, easily available drug lowers the risk of hospitalisation and death. It appears that fluvoxamine, which has been around for 30-odd years and is fairly well understood, lowers the risk of hospitalisation and the need for medical observation by a third.

    There were a number of small studies, but this latest one is a fairly large study, and it’s published here:

    Background: Recent evidence indicates a potential therapeutic role of fluvoxamine for COVID-19. In the TOGETHER trial for acutely symptomatic patients with COVID-19, we aimed to assess the efficacy of fluvoxamine versus placebo in preventing hospitalisation defined as either retention in a COVID-19 emergency setting or transfer to a tertiary hospital due to COVID-19.

    Methods: This placebo-controlled, randomised, adaptive platform trial done among high-risk symptomatic Brazilian adults confirmed positive for SARS-CoV-2 included eligible patients from 11 clinical sites in Brazil with a known risk factor for progression to severe disease. Patients were randomly assigned (1:1) to either fluvoxamine (100 mg twice daily for 10 days) or placebo (or other treatment groups not reported here). The trial team, site staff, and patients were masked to treatment allocation. Our primary outcome was a composite endpoint of hospitalisation defined as either retention in a COVID-19 emergency setting or transfer to tertiary hospital due to COVID-19 up to 28 days post-random assignment on the basis of intention to treat. Modified intention to treat explored patients receiving at least 24 h of treatment before a primary outcome event and per-protocol analysis explored patients with a high level adherence (>80%). We used a Bayesian analytic framework to establish the effects along with probability of success of intervention compared with placebo. The trial is registered at (NCT04727424) and is ongoing.

    It’s worth looking at. And conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers and Covid denialists really should bother to take a look. This is how real studies are actually done, and discussed. In publications where they set out what they want to test, how they are doing it, all the parameters involved, who paid for it, all the actual data is available for others to check, declaration of any interests, and so on.

    It is published in a journal for other people knowledgable in the field to study and follow up on – not on some dodgy youtube or bitchute etc. etc. site with some swaggering self-proclaimed “truth-teller” trying to bamboozle an audience, who just nod along furiously to everything said.

    So where does this leave the denialists, and conspiracy freaks? Here is a cheap and easily available drug, which appears to work. Why aren’t “they” covering this up? We’re always told that “they” control the scientists, “they” hush up anything getting in the way of profits, “they” want to control us, so “they” won’t allow all these cures. What happened here – did “they” just let this one slip through the net?

    Come on Jay, Node and the rest of you freaks – man up and answer this, you sneaky devils!

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    Michael norton:

    * – “…this is going to run and run, we will be encouraged to have booster each year, for years to come.”

    Probably six-monthly; that seems to be about how long these vaccines protect for.

    What I hope is that a more transmissible but considerably less serious strain emerges, becomes dominant through being more transmissible, and it then settles down into being an occasional malady like colds, imparting temporary immunity to whoever catches it.

    But because it exploits cells via their ACE2 receptors which so many different tissue types have, possibly all variants of it will be serious. Unlike a cold it can cause very varied long term effects; different symptoms in different people, so even if some of a variant’s effects became less serious, others would probably remain or even get worse.

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    michael norton

    The WHO, as far as they know, Europe is the only place on Earth where most people have been vaccinated but the covid numbers just keep going up.

    If you look at the weekly trends, other than Romania and U.K. which are slightly going down, almost all other large European countries are racing ahead of the game, some having a 60-70 0r 100 percent increase in numbers week on week.
    Many Eastern European countries are almost out of control. So do the vaccines actually work or is the disease seeking out the unvaccinated and the obese?

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    michael norton

    Apparently in the E.U. as a whole 78% of adults have been double vaccinated, more in Germany but Germany is taking off as is Poland. The sky is the limit.

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    Pigeon English

    Has anyone heard or watched Dr John Campbell youtube videos?

    He is my favorite place to go for Covid19 but his Videos are about 30 mins long so I do not watch everyone! He has every day video released

    In my opinion He is objective and goes meticulously through all kind of studies related to Covid,Vaccines, treatments and everything connected to Covid!

    He is hard core Vaxxer and was supporter of hard lockdowns but open minded to treatments!

    As he said he wants vaccines and treatments

    One of his many good podcast that I would like to share is controversial Ivermectin and Dr JC debunking debunkers(BBC)

    The way he did it should be example to all of us how to approach Science ,Data ,and available info

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    michael norton

    The U.K. is the only country in Europe to have posted more than nine million cases of covid.

    We must remember that we have tested twice as many as any other main country in Europe.
    So that leads us to believe that one person in seven in the U.K. has tested positive for covid.

    I expect it is actually a lot more than that who have had a wiff of covid.
    How long before Herd Immunity kicks in?

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    Pigeon English

    BTW Dr Campbell convinced my wife and me to take Vitamine D.

    He is not selling or promoting Brands!(He does not even ask to subscribe, like, share or donate) just generic for couple of £ for couple of hundreds.

    If I remember well 2000 IE

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    The NHS widened and increased its vitamin D recommendations, and set up supplies for those “extremely clinically vulnerable” to covid. I haven’t heard of the media covering it much though.

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    michael norton


    Very, very high levels of Delta covid in U.K. since July, now more than nine million cases.
    Do we think that the new variant is taking off?

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    michael norton

    Take a look at Hungary, they are taking off like a skyrocket. Yesterday they posted their second highest daily covid positive numbers of the pandemic. It is almost as steep as a shear cliff. Bulgaria, is another one to watch, yesterday they had their highest death toll of the pandemic. Greece, yesterday had the highest covid positive count of the pandemic.

    This certainly is not winding down, however much we want it to.

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