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    I sort of think if you have a link with your name it ought go somewhere real rather than N/A

    There seem to be many poster here with Orange names, but when you click on the supposed link it goes nowhere. I think the link should be legit and if it isn’t it makes me wonder about the poster.

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    Thirteen years ago I had this crazy idea in my head about independence from those who try to dominate. I think good communication is critical to get where we want to be. So here is a link in that regard. One time here at this place I inadvertently had this link attached to one of my comments and as far as I know (I haven’t checked) the editor(s) here (who are top notch) let it be. I appreciate that. I wish I could hang out in this rabbit hole more but I think it is not in the cards, but before I leave let me say: Peace from me to you and from my family to your family. We need peace.

    Plus, did you know about the family of Kropotkin???? Seriously – it goes back a long time in wonderful history. I love to study that and I am hopeful.

    Ken (not my style but……I don’t know what to say……forget it

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