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    John Spencer-Davis

    Hi Mods, please could you let me know if italics, bold etc are still done in the same way (eg ) and if so where is the protocol shown? Thanks, John

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    Yes it should be the same as before. If you notice the basic codes are shown when posting in the forum here but not when commenting on posts. It is supposed to be displayed on posts and I’m not sure why it isn’t.

    Remove space after “<" below.
    < strong>bold< /strong>

    < em>italics< /em>


    < b>< /b>
    < i >< /i>

    Should also work. A complete list of the standard WordPress allowed html at

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    michael bojko


    message for john spencer-davis

    sorry but although i’ve been reading the blog for some years now, i’ve never contributed and don’t know how to.

    however i’ve been folloswing the exchange between “john spencer-davis” and “jim” regarding pol pot.

    could john spencer-davis pm me?

    i think i have some info that he’d find useful



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    Sorry, we don’t have any pm facilities on the blog – users don’t register. However if both parties agree then moderators can pass on email addressees.

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    John Spencer-Davis

    Darth, thank you very much, that is very helpful. John

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    John Spencer-Davis

    Dear Mike,

    Thank you for your kind offer, very much appreciated. It is nice to know that people do actually read what is written on here. You sound like your contributions would be valuable, and I am sure that Darth would guide you through the process if necessary.

    If you don’t mind: I am currently preparing a response to Jim, and I already had plenty of source material to assist me, and have discovered more by my own efforts. I’m most grateful for the offer, but would prefer to say that I had done it all on my own account up to now. If, when my response is posted, you know of additional supporting material (or, indeed, refuting material – I never have any objection to the truth), I would welcome it privately, or, possibly more appropriately, contributed for the benefit of all on the forum.

    Thank you anyway, and I wish you well.

    Darth, for the reasons given above, I do not give my agreement to you passing on my email address at this time. Thank you.

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    Phil the ex frog

    Some context: ‘i’ is old web. ’em’ and ‘blockquote’ (along with lots of other tags) are part of a newer version of web mark up (HTML5).

    ‘i’ (an abbreviation of italics) just says ‘make this display differently’ which is useful for humans reading the text.

    Whereas ’em’ and ‘blockquote’ provide the possibility to make the text look different to humans but also attempt to describe the text (to applications that read it). i.e. They attempt to explain why some text is different from other. Some text needs emphasizing. Some words are a quote.

    These new tags are an attempt to better organize data and move towards data that can be better processed by machines.

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    John Spencer-Davis

    Darth, you may pass my e-mail details to Mike Bojko if you wish to now. Many thanks.

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    I just noticed that when I posted a rant about eurovision where Greece and Cyprus was in BOLD “< strong> greece & cyprus < /strong> – that it was in BOLD when I checked my posting using Safari Version 9.1.1 , but the two countries were NOT in BOLD when I checked the post on Chrome Version 51.0.2704.63 (64-bit).

    I checked on Webkit mobile Safari and it shows the relevant countries in BOLD there too, though quite a feint BOLD.

    I, Daniel Blake

    seems like it is just a hiccup with Chrome on Desktop, as my mobile Chrome renders the bold correctly

    I’ll stick some more tests

      in here
      in case it’s
  • all of wordprex
  • broken?

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I put a URL of my actual comment

https:// #comment-600039

and instead of the url, it ‘helpfully’ embedded the whole blog article, so I put the url above – with a couple of spaces

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