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    [ Dungroanin suggested having a more prominent article for relatively unmoderated Off-Topic discussions. Any thoughts? ]

    CM/Admin/Mods/ All,

    Having increasingly run into having to post off-topic missives – because I consider them worthy of note – I would like to offer a suggestion and EASY solution to keep the site and articles on topic.

    It is extremely easy and better than having us posters going to another part of the site which is not so visible, to set up a thread which stagnates immediately. Ok? Here goes.

    Set up a simple pinned ‘article’ at the top which simply says something like :

    Use this for talking about whatever you want to talk about.”

    You can have a new one every week/month or when it gets too big.

    I guarantee it will work as it will allow us readers to flag emerging news and other topics at our hearts content there, thus keeping the main articles on-topic.

    It would also allow you to pick up on important topics that you may wish to write about.

    I do this in an effort to try and evolve online blogs and sites such as this – that can allow us to get away from and critique the controlled msm.

    What do you say?

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    good idea. something like a chat section.

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