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The Election Where Nothing Changed July 12, 2024: - What exactly has changed as a result of that election, other than a different team of snouts in the trough? Starmer's first act as Prime Minister of the UK was to attend a NATO warmonger fest and promise unlimited resources to keep the terrible and unwinnable war in the Ukraine going. In addition he is pledging to increase UK "Defence" spending to 2.5% of GDP, or over £18 billion a year extra - a massive bonanza for the arms industry. Let us be absolutely plain that this is not "defence". There is no country which has any plan or even…
Scotland and Me July 7, 2024: - I left Scotland during this election campaign simply because I thought I could do more good campaigning explicitly for Gaza in a seat where Starmer could be punished for his genocidal zionism. Scottish independence and the freedom of my own country remains the cause closest to my heart. But although Scotland suffers the drain on its resources of every kind that it has suffered every day of the pestilent Union, Scotland's little children are not currently being blown into pieces. I am therefore justified in my prioritisation of Palestine at the moment. I formed an alliance for Palestine with my…
The Rejection of Starmerism July 5, 2024: - Millions fewer people turned out to make Keir Starmer Prime Minister than turned out to attempt the same for Jeremy Corbyn. That is the most important fact of this election, and the one the mainstream media works hardest to hide. TOTAL LABOUR VOTE Corbyn 2017: 12,877.918 Corbyn 2019: 10,269,213 Starmer 2024: 9,634,399 I don't think any Prime Minister has ever come to power with less popular enthusiasm than Keir Starmer. Here in Blackburn we had an astonishing result. I was working on projections which had the Labour vote falling from 29,000 to 15,000 which seemed amazing enough. Although on the…
Closing Blackburn Rally With Roger Waters July 3, 2024: - Yesterday was unforgettable. We have campaigned with open hearts and honed minds, against the slough of corruption which is politics under modern capitalism. Free Palestine and free us all!
The Happiest of Days June 25, 2024: - I cannot tell you how happy I am at Julian's release. It is 4.00am and I haven't been to bed yet. I have spoken to John Shipton but everyone else is on a plane en route to Australia. The guilty plea is of course coerced in the extreme and nobody should take it seriously. It gives a chance to claim hollow victory to the odious Biden regime, at the cost of a terrible precedent in law classifying journalism in espionage. But the precedent is only in a court of first instance so is not binding. I should be plain I…
What Really Happens in Blackburn June 24, 2024: - When I stood in Blackburn against foreign secretary Jack Straw in 2005 as an anti-Iraq war candidate, Jack Straw's campaign manager was Ibrahim Master. He is now the campaign manager of "Independent" candidate, vote-splitter Adnan Hussain. This is him on the right campaigning with Adnan. When I attended a meeting with Adnan until 2.30am three nights ago to try to resolve the vote split that could let Labour back in, Ibrahim Master was in the meeting as Adnan's second, and did much of the talking. Jack Straw was the Foreign Secretary personally responsible for the war in Iraq and the…
The Leaving of Blackburn? June 20, 2024: - With a very heavy heart I have agreed to the toss of a coin to decide whether I or local independent candidate Adnan Hussain should stand in BLackburn. I feel I am letting down all those who helped and crowdfunded me, and all our local supporters. The amazing support is swelling every day. But the last minute decision by Blackburn's independent group of councillors to run a candidate against me, gives the real danger that Genocide Labour will win. As I was unable to agree in a late night meeting with their young candidate yesterday who should step down, I…
Craig Murray in Lahore: Interview With Moeen Azhar, Media City Lahore June 19, 2024: - This wide ranging interview took place in Lahore in May this year while on a tour from Lahore to Chittral. I also met with the PTI leadership and with Imran's legal team. I also got to umpire some cricket matches, including at the wonderful Lahore Gymkhana, venue of Pakistan's first ever Test Match, and at Langlands, Chittral in the Hindu Kush which may be the world's highest cricket pitch.
Public Meeting On Gaza Genocide With Chris Hedges and Richard Medhurst Blackburn 13 June 2024 June 16, 2024: - This was a fabulous meeting to a packed hall. There were moments in both Chris and Richard's speeches where you could have heard a pin drop and breath was held. Craig Murray, Richard Medhurst and Chris Hedges talk to a packed hall in Blackburn about Palestine@CraigMurrayOrg @richimedhurst @ChrisLynnHedges— Gordon Dimmack (@GordonDimmack) June 15, 2024 [ The speeches begin at the following points: 0:00 Introduction, by Craig Murray 01:42 Chris Hedges 25:04 Richard Medhurst 46:07 Craig Murray Chris Hedges has also posted a discussion between all three speakers which took place after the main event. ]
Ten Facts About Craig Murray – Numbers 3, 4 & 5 June 15, 2024: - The election campaign is so frenetic that I haven't had time to put these out daily, even though they have been going out on other social media. So here we have ten facts about Craig Murray numbers three, four and five
Craig Murray’s Extraordinary Election Campaign June 13, 2024: - This is pretty candid with Crispin Flintoff of Not the Andrew Marr Show
Ten Facts About Craig Murray Part 2 June 12, 2024: - In the second instalment of 10 facts about Craig Murray, I talk about tuition fees.
Ten Facts About Craig Murray Part 1 June 11, 2024: - I have been told that many people in Blackburn know nothing of me, so I have made ten short videos giving ten facts about Craig Murray. I am posting one a day to be followed by ten equally short videos giving key policies for the future. So here is number one: Our campaign HQ is looking rather smart
Our Current Campaign Leaflet June 9, 2024: - This is what we are currently putting through doors. In 50 years of political campaigning I have never before known a leaflet which in itself changes people's attitudes towards you immediately. This one really does, in the most positive way possible. Do come and help me campaign. It is enjoyable to be on the side of good and seeking to defy the two big pro-Genocide parties. Floor space is available if you need it. Contact [email protected]
Campaign Speech on Gaza June 7, 2024: - I am very busy on the stump in Blackburn. I hope you enjoy this one.
George Galloway and Me: Stop the Genocide May 29, 2024: - Now updated with Campaign Launch Video below. In December 1980 I stood alongside George Galloway in Caird Square as the flag of Palestine was hoisted above Dundee City Chambers to mark the twinning of Dundee with Nablus in the West Bank. I was 22 years old. George had led the campaign for the twinning, against much opposition. In those days I worked alongside George to support the striking miners, in support of striking workers at Timex and NCR as Thatcherism ripped through the city, in the Anti-Nazi League and in other causes. George and I never had the same politics.…
Genocide in Rafah and the ICJ May 27, 2024: - It is difficult to imagine a more depraved, brutal and cowardly act than bombing refugee families in their tents, but I think we now all understand there is no moral depth which the terrorist entity that is Israel will not plumb. I think you know I have been regularly crying hot tears over the slaughter of innocents and the complicity of the western states. I hope that you will understand it is not from indifference to the unspeakable suffering, that I respond with a disquisition on grammar. There was an extraordinary unanimity across the entire mainstream media in giving the…
Craig Murray Blackburn Election Fund May 23, 2024: - This is it. The election is called and I am standing in Blackburn to offer voters there a viable alternative to the Keir Starmer Genocide Party. I cannot do it without your financial support and practical campaigning help. Any individual donations over £50 in value will require to be declared to the Returning Officer together with your full name and address and you must be on the UK Electoral Register at the time the donation is made (we are required by law to verify this). No overseas donations over £50 can be accepted unless you are currently on the UK…
The Turning of the Tide May 22, 2024: - In the normal run of things, if a very senior judge instructs you to give an assurance to their Court, it would probably not be wise to avoid giving the assurance, to devote a huge amount of text to trying to obscure the fact you have not given the assurance, and then to lecture the judge on why they were wrong to ask for the assurance in the first place. Most lawyers would probably advise against that course of conduct. But this did not deter the fearless James Lewis KC, back to lead for the United States prosecution against Julian…

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