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7,182 thoughts on “Not Forgetting the al-Hillis continued

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  • intp1

    A snippet I saw in The Intercept which discusses some of the Snowden data which was apparently published by Le Monde: That GCHQ have been targeting Areva in the recent past.

    It may not be anything but it does al least show a surprising interest in Areva by the Brits on the SIGINT side and so could support a scenario where the UK also had assets fishing around in the Lake Annecy area at that time.
    Could Martin, a likely part time MI6 asset have been supporting SAH on an expedition, moonlighting as a plausible “cut out”, and meeting SM for transferring actual secrets or information/evidence of some sort ?
    Some other party could have been onto SM, intercepted the meeting unexpectedly and thought it a good idea to teach whoever they thought was behind it (Iranian assets?) a lesson.

    Also, btw, I believe it could be perfectly possible the weapon was not in fact the Luger. The handle fragments could have easily been dropped to throw everybody off the scent when in fact a light, high capacity assassination device was used. What was that Czech machine gun that was originally reported as a contender?


    • michael norton

      intp 1
      that’s quite far out
      to suggest
      the ancient handle-grip fragment was dropped, to muddy the waters, while saying a modern weapon was used, very forward planning.
      However, the old handle-grip fragment, could have been dropped, later, to muddy the waters?

  • michael norton

    ASSISES Deadly robbery at Lathuile campground: the accused renounces his appeal

    He was to be retried for four days by the court of Assizes of the Savoy: the instigator of the mortal flight of the camp-site of Lathuile (Haute-Savoie), Jose-Fernando Saraiva, 43 years, has just discarded its call At the very beginning of the hearing, on Thursday afternoon.

    Neither the civil parties nor the public prosecutor objected to the withdrawal which the court ultimately gave to the accused. The appeal is therefore set aside and the conviction of José-Fernando Saraiva to 18 years’ imprisonment in July 2016 in Annecy has become final.

    In the night of November 10 to 11, in Lathuile in Haute-Savoie, five men including two armed men assaulted the couple of managers at their home. The victims had put them to flight but, by withdrawing, the criminals opened fire through a door. The projectiles had fatally touched the wife, Nicole Communal-Tournier, 54 years.

    The sentences pronounced in Annecy ranged from 2 years in prison to 18 years of imprisonment. The shooter was 15 years old.

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