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7,818 thoughts on “Not Forgetting the al-Hillis continued

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  • Good In Parts


    Recently I have noticed that a bunch of websites relating to la Tuerie de Chevaline seem to have have had their contents removed or otherwise become unavailable

    Here are a few of note:- (this site used to have an informative interview with WBM) (the BTL comments all seem to have vanished)

    Sadly, I didn’t download and save the WBM interview.

    Also french forums that discussed the case seem to have become unavailable, at least to me.

    So, some level of ‘bitrot’ must be expected after eleven years but this seems more than that.

    • michael norton

      At the moment King Charles is in France with the ear of President Macron.
      Perhaps Charles could ask him how the investigations, are going?

      • michael norton

        Quiet possibly there is a lot more to the back story of the old lady, who we are expected to understand was of Swedish nationality and was the mother of the new Mrs. al-Hilli.
        Did this old lady attend the wedding of her daughter, the new Mrs. al Hilli?

        That is not a difficult question.

        Did the old lady know the children of the family al-Hilli before their trip to France, where she liaised with them?
        Had she met the brother of Saad, before?
        Had she ever met the parents of Saad?

    • michael norton

      I had got the impression, that MI5 were looking at the Claygate house, just before the Family al-Hilli took off for the French Alps?

  • Good In Parts

    One of the items that I have been unable to find again referenced a visit by SAH and family to the Grotte et Cascade de Seythenex which. if my memory serves me well actually occurred on the day of the shooting.

    What I really want to know is was the visit in the morning or was it immediately prior to the shooting? Obviously they would have driven past Doussard and Chevaline but where else did they go? Did they interact with someone?

    There are still some minor issues with the timeline that need attention.

    • michael norton

      Good In Parts,
      I can remember an al-Hilli family trip to the caves of Seythenex, I could not say when it happened.

      The old lady who we are expected to understand, was the mother of Mrs. al-Hilli, apparently hailed from Sweden, the same state that first tried to fuck over Julian Assange.
      The same state, that has just applied to join NATO.
      The same state that will do what ever the CIA tell them to do.

      I can’t say I have learned/read anything from the Swedes about that old lady.
      Not her address in Sweden, how she got into Sweden ( if she was not born there), I had assumed, perhaps she was born in Iran?
      But what interested me was if she was a spy?
      They have not expressed any information or even astonishment that she was slaughtered in France, eleven years ago, perhaps they do not even ask for updates from France?

      Recently I have found out that the new Swede Government are so angry with gangs that the armed forces of the Swedes, will be put on the streets to tackle the people smuggling and drug running in their Northern land.

      • michael norton

        As I have suggested before, there are possibly ways to eat crap to get to a sample of truth.
        Mrs. al-Hilli seems to have recently kept her head down, apparently spending more than a decade to become a dentist?
        She was apparently previously married to Mr.Jim Thompson in the U.S.A.
        Without much fanfare she left Jim Thompson and moved abroad, perhaps to Dubai?
        Mr.Jim Thomson was said to have died of a heart attack, whilst at a traffic light cross road.
        On the same day that Mrs. al-Hilli ( his wife) was slaughtered, in France, with her new family.
        That is a bit of a coincidence? Almost unprecedented in amazement of coincidence.
        The new Mrs. al-Hilli was modest, she kept her head down, unlike the Mrs. Jim Thompson, who was not that modest.
        The children did not apparently know that the old lady was their grandmother.
        I have met many small children, they only have to have a brief encounter with a grand parent to like and enguage with them, one or two visits, would often be enough for the small child to willingly accept a person as being their grand parent. If DNA samples were taken b y the Authorotes in France of the dead persons at the site of The Slaughter of the Horses, it would be evedent, who was related to who.

        • michael norton

          A long while ago, it was said the police had, had the Claygate home of the al-Hilli family under surveillance.
          I has also been claimed that a service, possibly MI5 had Mr. al-Hilli in its sights.
          Zaid claimed it was nonsense that they would have had his brother under surveillance.

          What if it was Mrs. al-Hilli, they were keeping tabs on?
          The never ending trainee dentist, with the American husband
          who became dead the same day on a different continent his wife Ikbal and her new family were slaughtered.

  • Good In Parts

    michael norton

    You asked “What if it was Mrs. al-Hilli, they were keeping tabs on?”

    That doesn’t seem likely because at the time that MI5 were following both SAH and ZAH, SAH had, by my reckoning, not yet met his wife-to-be never mind married her.

      • michael norton

        Good In Parts
        If Mrs. al-Hilli and her “mother” were both spies, do you think the U.K. security services would have had them under surveillance?

        • Good In Parts

          michael norton

          Depends on who they were thought to be spying for.

          My view is that this was a local crime with a parochial motive.

          • michael norton

            parochial, so wrong on so many levels.
            Let’s just glimpse one actor.
            William Brett Martin.
            A person from a Five Eyes Country – New Zealand, who was apparently in the RAF REGIMENT.
            The RAF Regiment has seven regular and six reserve squadrons organised in to 7 wings. In addition, the RAF Regiment provides Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) to the British Army and Royal Marines, and provides a flight sized commitment to the Special Forces Support Group.

            What a marvellous coincident that apparently the first person to turn up at the scene of the Slaughter of The Horses, had been in the RAF REGIMENT.
            He was there, seconds after it happened, yet he heard NOTHING.
            How beliveable is that.
            He was on his treader and was apparently passed by The Slaughtered Frenchman, both cyclists living in nearby communities but no mention has ever been made, as did they know of each other, how beliveable would it be for two chaps both with links to the security services, living in the same part of France , both in the exact same age group
            both cyclists
            and not knowing of each other?
            How likely is it that a relative of Sylvain, in the pay of the security services, plunges over a gorge-bridge, yards from his childhood home, on a Sunday on his way to visit his mum.
            In the same location as all the rest, nobody knows notyjhing.
            How likely is it that the previous husband of Mrs. al-Hilli dies whilst driving his vehicle on the exact same day as his wife/exwife dies in a shoot out on a different continent.
            Nothing is as it is presented.

          • michael norton

            This slaughter is peppered with troubling inconsistencies.
            In the first instance, the British secret service rushed to the scene,
            not been heard of since?

          • michael norton

            Of possible interest

            “There is also a RAF Regiment CBRN unit assigned to the SFSG to provide specialised knowledge and capability to military and civilian agencies in detection and handling of chemical, biological, and radiological/nuclear weapons and materials.”

            It would be great interest if we could learn the sort of activities that W.B.M. carried on with, whilst he was a serving member of the Regiment.
            The Regiment seem to have a wide ranging and in some cases right on the edge capabilities, it is not all guarding RAF bases but a lot more, like being in control of targeting, in war or special operations.
            One of their duties is as back up during special forces operations!

  • Good In Parts

    michael norton

    You wrote:- “parochial, so wrong on so many levels”

    Well, we shall see.

    As you say:- “Nothing is as it is presented”

  • Good In Parts

    French Crimes

    It seems to me that some types of crime are particular to the french e.g. ‘boss kidnappings’ and crimes relating to truffle hunting.

    Other crimes are much more frequent than here in the UK e.g. robbery of foreign tourists at gunpoint in laybys. My guesstimate is that such crimes are at least two orders of magnitude more likely in france.

    So, maybe I have not considered fully the possible motivation of a local, french, killer.

  • Manchester

    This is a question I’ve been asking myself for a long time. Was William Brett Martin alone on vacation in the area ? Was his family present ?
    For my part, I find it strange that he could have been alone during his vacation.

    • michael norton

      what a great question,
      was W.B.M. staying on his own, in his house or were other people, also staying in that house, at the time
      of The Slaughter of The Horses?
      If several other men, were also staying in the house of W.B.M. at that time, what was their purpose?

      I point you to this about the Regiment – “One of their duties is as back up during special forces operations”!

      Another of their potential duties is – “Targeting”

    • Good In Parts


      You wrote :- “This is a question I’ve been asking myself for a long time. Was William Brett Martin alone on vacation in the area ? Was his family present ?
      For my part, I find it strange that he could have been alone during his vacation.”

      You are not alone in finding it ‘strange’, the gendarmes did too, describing it as ‘unusual’.

      However WBM himself claimed to be doing odd-jobs around the house until he broke off around 14:00 to go out cycling. Presumably he was clearing up after the property had been rented out during the holiday season and maybe preparing the property for winter.

      And yes, he was not with his wife, who was in the UK presumably with their kids. WBM actually phoned up his wife from le Martinet parking to tell her what had transpired and warn her that the press pack were likely to descend on their home.

      See this link for details

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