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7,577 thoughts on “Not Forgetting the al-Hillis continued

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      • bluebird

        Yes, it is correct. I linked the older one here because it explains in detail the background of that freemasonry/DSGE group of professional killers. I did not link the current article about the ammunition because it just says that the ammunition found with that group is the same one used in the al Hilli murder and it is extremely seldom.

  • Squonk

    Some more info


    Potential new lead in unsolved Annecy killings

    There maybe a new lead in the unsolved murder of three members of a British family and a French citizen in Chevaline near Annecy in September 2012.

    The British family included the 50-year-old Iraqi born Saad al-Hilli, his wife and her mother. A passing French cyclist was also shot and killed.

    Their four-year-old daughter survived by hiding between her dead mother’s legs.

    The killings have remained unsolved.

    But following a recent raid on a criminal gang in Paris which is made up of former police and military officers, all belonging to the same Freemasonry lodge, could provide further clues.

    Police say some ammunition seized matches the type used in the Annecy killings. Investigators say the type of ammunition is rare.

    • bluebird

      If we are going to read the text of this forum in 2012/2013 again, we’ll find a lot of evidence for the freemason connection of the al Hilli family and the not very unlikely DSGE connection of SM. Given that basic evidence these new findings support my first idea that there were 2 killers, one of them was SM (obviously belonging to that group of ex DSGE professional killers), but SM got heavily injured by SAH’s car while SAH was trying to flee, speeding away and rolling over SM shortly before SAH and his family was shot dead by the second killer (by SM’s colleague). SM, heavily injured, was then executed by his partner (from now evidence pointing at him as a “victim”) because the killing of a witness is a usual tradition when professional killers are unable to leave the scene of a killing.

  • intp1

    There is nothing very special about the 7.65 mm parabellum ammunition reported to have been used and found at Chevaline.
    So when they say matched, to unused ammunition (i.e. without any marks or striations from firing down the barrel the bullet travelled down) what has been matched?

  • Good In Parts


    “Police say some ammunition seized matches the type used in the Annecy killings. Investigators say the type of ammunition is rare.”

    The ‘type’ of ammunition is ‘rare’ in the sense of being rarely seized by the authorities when investigating gun crime. I guess that this is mostly because very, very, few weapons were designed to use it and those that were are pretty much expensive collectors items these days.

  • Good In Parts

    ToE at LMP ver 3

    For reference here is version 3 of my estimate of the timing of events at le Martinet parking.

    15:36:00 – SAH party arrive at le Martinet parking
    15:37:30 – SM arrives – shooting starts – WBM is approx 202m away
    15:38:00 – SAH reverses up against the bank – wheels begin to spin
    15:38:10 – shooting finishes – WBM is approx 112m away
    15:38:30 – the killer starts to leave – WBM now approx 70m away
    15:38:45 – WBM notices Zainab staggering in the middle of the road and hears her cry out as she falls flat on her face
    15:39:00 – WBM arrives – moves Zainab to recovery position
    15:40:30 – WBM moves SM
    15:41:30 – WBM checks car
    15:42:00 – WBM breaks side window and stops engine – tries his mobile but cannot get a signal
    15:42:30 – WBM starts back down the combe to get help
    15:44:30 – WBM meets PB et al
    15:44:59 – first emergency call made by PB to the SP at the request of WBM
    15:46:00 – WBM plus PB et al start back up to le Martinet
    15:47:30 – WBM arrives back at le Martinet parking
    15:48:00 – PB wigs out and tries to assault WBM
    15:48:30 – approximate time PB makes second emergency call to the SP

    The shooting itself takes 40 seconds ie 21 shots at an average rate of one shot every two seconds. Two magazine changes are required.

    NB almost all of the shots occur when WBM is within 200m of le Martinet.

    NB WBM is at the scene of the crime for three minutes and thirty seconds (ie less than four minutes) before departing downhill to get help.

    NB the BMW digs-in to the bank for approximately four minutes before WBM turns off the engine.

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