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7,475 thoughts on “Not Forgetting the al-Hillis continued

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  • Good In Parts

    michael norton

    You make a good point re what we have been allowed to believe. Having said that I think that there may be some info we can glean by pulling together the original source(s) such as Le Savoyard. I shall have a go over the next few days.

    My general view has been that SM was targetted for a reason not directly connected with CS. This is probably why the gendarmes have not resolved the case.

    They investigated CS rather than SM.

  • Good In Parts

    michael norton

    I have estimated the time for SM to cycle from Grignon to the centre of Chevaline to be 1h40 which is approx 40 minutes longer than from Ugine.

    I am still looking for the reference (prob from EM) stating the time that both SM and WBM had been out cycling for.

    There is a more direct route over the mountains but this would be slower going.

    If the partner (or even ex-partner) of a jupin managed to gain access to her message stream, he might be peeved to find out that SM was planning to drop by or meet up with her. However it might present him with an opportunity…

    The extra lead time over simply spotting SM on the cycletrack would reduce time and location constraints and make identifying him difficult.

  • michael norton

    What I have been suggesting is that Ms.Schutz and Mr. Mollier have been under Surveillance
    and that their movements have been tracked from the adjacent property of
    Volunteer firefighters the Grand Arc Grignon.

    Let’s just say we go with what the Authorities would like us to understand, which I think is that Ms.Schutz was in the family business in Grignon and that the father of her child was in their shared home, perhaps in Ugine, that there was a phone call from Sylvain to Ms. Schutz, saying he needed to urgently go out for a cycle ride and she needed to curtail her business in Grignon and return home to take over parental supervision.
    If their phones were being tracked and or surveillance devices had been secreted in the chemist shop/flat, the “listeners” in the adjact building could then send a message that Sylvain was about to depart from their property ( perhaps in Ugine) and cycle to Doussard.

    If the DGSE were keeping Ms.Schutz/Sylvain under scutiny, this is how it would be done.

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