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7,298 thoughts on “Not Forgetting the al-Hillis continued

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  • intp1

    Nordahl Lelandais

    Are there really serial killers that will kill such different victims in different ways? via pedophile attack (where he was guaranteed to be a suspect), an ex comrade-soldier hitch-hiker, and a family in a remote tourist spot
    in Sept 2012, April 2017, Aug 2017 – no pattern whats-so ever?
    Is that really a likely serial killer profile anyone ever heard of?
    The Chevaline shootings were double taps, almost no shots missed, left no actionable leads, seems like professionally extracted, female child not abducted, 2 husbands of Iqbal’s killed on same day, massive UK embassy security response to the crime scene, dogged determination to not-investigate by both police “partners”.
    Wait and see but seems like they are reaching, or just putting pressure on the suspect and I am sure they are sick of managing the case publicly. They would give a lot for somebody to confess to Chevaline so they can move on.

  • Bacchus

    Quelqu’un sait interpréter les rêves : “Je me promène dans la forêt avec un sac qui ressemble à un grand etui pour luger. Soudain je suis attaqué para un lion, je monte aux arbres, le lion fait des sauts très haut, il arrive presque à m’atteindre. Je me réfugie dans une hutte sur l’arbre, le lion se transforme en chat sauvage, j’arrive à le saisir dans une de ces attaques et je le frappe contre les parois de la hutte … enfin je le lance loin et il tombe sur une table de cuisine … “

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