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7,036 thoughts on “Not Forgetting the al-Hillis continued

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  • Good In Parts

    The worst possible outcome.

    Is the current impass the worst possible outcome ?

    It may seem so, but what if it is not ?

    Consider the perspective of the putative ‘person who is living in fear’.

    Informing les flics could have catastrophic consequences for them, their loved ones and other totally innocent parties. Les gendarmes seem to have at least partially woken up to the possility. Their apparent ‘assurances of witness protection for the fearful’ telegraph this.

    But assurances of physical protection may not be sufficient. This is Banjo Country after all and if you listen carefully you can hear it from here… the wall of silence.

  • michael norton

    For some time the French have been requesting information from the Swiss, about the weapon used in The Slaughter of The Horses, four and a third years ago.
    Have the Swiss responded?

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Sounds like the expected Wild Goose Chase to me.

    Recall when the Swedish police were looking for the gun which assassinated Palme.

    Were scraping the bottoms of all kinds of water, but came up with nothing ultimately.

    • michael norton

      It is strange, that almost straight away, it was said, that almost all the recovered bullets had gone into / through a victim.
      Only a few of the recovered bullets did not hit a victim.
      All the bullets were fired from the same gun.
      Hence the idea of only one shootist.
      After they had determined which gun had fired the shots.
      They asked the Swiss for help to identify the history of that gun.
      Four and a third years have now gone by, yet no more information is let out?

  • Good In Parts

    Gone Loco.


    You rightly hold me to account;

    “Officially, the investigation team still maintain an open mind … The assertion that they have “gone local” merely is unsubstantiated hearsay”

    My bad. It was a moment of madness. I should have noticed it was a J-MD article.

    In my defence I can only say that I was seduced by the accompanying infographic with it’s Phong shaded Luger, it was so cute !


  • Good In Parts

    Trigger Discipline


    “…increasingly difficult to believe that such an incredibly violent person should not have found himself in another situation triggering a similar outburst of murderous rage…”

    Sure, but it could be masked by his job… if say his role required a ‘mad minute’ on occasion… maybe he was already being treated for PTSD…

    Having said all that, my intuition is that there would likely have been a very personal grudge against SM, the circumstances of which would be unlikely to re-occur.

    Also, in my humble opinion, the full-on berserker mode was triggered by his plan going wrong. I think that if SAH had managed to drive away down the combe, the killer simply could not have made a successful escape.

    “…I am more and more inclined to believe that this hypothetical local perpetrator has either committed suicide or is already in custody for an unrelated offence.”

    That, or the perp is still on duty.

    I would add that any suicide may be categorised as an exceptionally unusual, tragic, accident of the sort that often happens amongst the montagnards.

  • michael norton

    La communauté de brigades d’Albertville poursuit son enquête pour définir les circonstances exactes de l’accident qui a coûté la vie, dimanche, à un automobiliste du Val d’Arly, Nicolas Mollier-Thomas. Il n’y aurait pas eu de témoin et le conducteur était seul à bord de sa voiture quand celle-ci a quitté la route avant d’effectuer plusieurs tonneaux. Le père de famille, 39 ans, originaire de Saint-Nicolas-la-Chapelle et domicilié à Héry-sur-Ugine, circulait sur une petite route de montagne au lieu-dit Flumet d’Aval, au-dessus du pont de Flon, à Saint-Nicolas-la-Chapelle, quand l’accident s’est produit. Il a été éjecté de son véhicule et était décédé à l’arrivée des sapeurs-pompiers et du Smur d’Albertville.

    • michael norton

      Not sure, quite how close to Sylvain Mollier, Nicholas was.
      Quite remarkable circumstances.
      He lives locally, although has a flat in the secret service area of Paris, he drives to his mother, his childhood, home for Sunday Lunch on the way back to his young family he crashes off the gorge.

      • michael norton

        “Apparently” no other person or vehicle was involved and Nicholas was not drunk.
        Yet he would know these roads like the back of his hand.

        • michael norton

          Nicholas Mollier Thomas died two years after The Slaughter of the Horses.
          I wonder if he was investigating and got too close to …….

      • Good In Parts

        michael norton

        He lived close enough.

        Héry sur Ugine, is only approx 4 Km North-East of Ugine. Thus it is possible to spot SM begin his cycle ride, drive home, kit up then drive to Chevaline before SM arrived.

        • michael norton

          I was also meaning, genetically close, as well as physically close
          but possibly they both worked for one of the French Secret Services?

  • michael norton


    Situated in the Val d’Arly, it is the family ski resort of Ugine.
    The resort allows a learning ski for children and adults.
    Héry-sur-Ugine is more a place of recreation and relaxation in family, where one goes to spend a pleasant afternoon, offering the free one for the children of less than 16 years, and reduced rates for the Students, unemployed, school groups, clubs, associations, etc.
    The plateau offers a cross-country ski trail, and ski hikes are organized with an agent of the National Forest Office, to explore the area.
    Life is concentrated in the city of Ugine

    Interesting, I wonder what they mean by with an agent of the National Forest Office?

    • michael norton


      The village of Héry-sur-Ugine is located at 928 m altitude, northeast of Ugine, on the right bank of the gorge dug by the torrent de l’Arly5.
      It is located near a waterfall. The mountain village is located on the old road between Ugine and Flumet (D 109), before the construction of the road of the gorges of the Arly (former national road 212 became D 1212),
      facing the slope where the village is installed Of Cohennoz.

      The commune of Héry / Heri-sur-Ugine loses the slope where is the village of Cohennoz, became common on January 22, 1798
      Cohennoz had already been erected as a parish in 1789. Héry-sur-Ugine was reunited at Ugine by a prefectural decree on 18 February 1971 (J.O. of 12 March 1971).

      In 1972, the Rafforts alpine meadows host a small ski resort consisting of two ski lifts and three tracks – Wiki

      You would have thought that a very local man living in a mountain settlement would know the roads and conditions
      and be rather careful, especially if he had a young family.

  • Good In Parts

    This is a Local Timeline. . .

    SM is assumed to have been the principal target and that he was observed by the killer on the cycle track approx halfway between Ugine and Chevaline.

    This example gives the killer approx 25 minutes to get ‘home’, prep-up and return.

    N.B. ‘home’ need not literally be the killers place of residence . It could be a lock-up, workshop or allotment where the killer secreted his Luger. As an example, it seems that the ringleader of the NCT home invasion and murder had a workshop in Arnand but lived elsewhere.

    The track referenced is the one from the second hairpin up the (un-named) zig-zags to the ridge line above Le Martinet parking from where it seems to be initially named “Chemin Rural des Replens dessus a Giez”, then changes into “Chemin Rural des Replens aux Bovets”. It eventually meets up with “Chemin de Scies” near Rovagny and La Crosaz.

    The whole Giez area does not seem to be part of the ‘Parc de Bauges’. The implication of which is that a vehicle could drive up this track without infringing any regulations. There would be no reason to stop the vehicle, in fact the area may not even be patrolled.

    The timing in this example assumes that the killer drove up in a high clearance vehicle (though a normal car could probably manage it), then left it near the ridge line and descended on foot. The return climb would be quite exerting. The killer would need to be pretty fit.

    Obviously it would be easier to use an off-road motorcycle and coast silently down the zig-zags, then later slowly and quietly ride back up. This would save a lot of time (maybe 15 minutes) exiting the combe. But that would mean entering the ‘parc de bauges’ and risking being heard or otherwise noticed.

    14:10:00 – SM sets off from Ugine along the cycle track

    14:45:00 – X spots SM somewhere near Faverges then heads home to prep-up

    15:00:00 – LMC starts his ride up the combe

    15:10:00 – X turns off main road towards Giez
    15:11:00 – ONF2 meet LMC at second hairpin
    15:12:00 – WBM spots SM crossing the T junction ahead of him
    15:12:30 – ONF2 start descent from Martinet parking
    15:15:00 – X arrives at start of track east of Giez
    15:19:00 – SM passes the old mill going up

    15:20:00 – WBM passes the old mill going up
    15:20:00 – ONF2 pass the old mill going down, exiting the combe
    15:20:30 – TBR passes the old mill going up
    15:21:30 – TBR overtakes WBM
    15:22:00 – SAH passes the old mill going up
    15:25:00 – X reaches ridge line – starts descent down zig-zags on foot
    15:27:30 – ONF1 spots the TBR just below Le Martinet parking
    15:29:30 – ONF1 crosses SAH (the 4×4 seen by Zainab)
    15:29:30 – ONF1 crosses SM

    15:30:00 – ONF1 crosses WBM (the 4×4 seen by WBM)
    15:32:00 – SM phone call
    15:34:00 – ONF1 passes the old mill going down, exiting the combe
    15:34:30 – ONF1 passes PB after exiting the combe
    15:35:00 – SAH arrival at Le Martinet
    15:35:00 – X arrives at the bottom of the zig-zags
    15:35:00 – WBM crosses TBR heading down
    15:37:00 – TBR rides up side track
    15:37:30 – SM arrives at Le Martinet parking – shooting starts
    15:39:00 – X leaves Le Martinet parking – runs back up towards zig-zags

    15:40:00 – WBM arrival at Le Martinet
    15:42:30 – WBM departs
    15:44:59 – First emergency call
    15:47:00 – WBM and PB return to Le Martinet
    15:48:00 – Second emergency call

    16:06:00 – Emergency services pass old mill

    16:10:00 – X reaches ridgeline, collects his vehicle and starts down
    16:13:00 – Emergency services arrive at Le Martinet

    16:20:00 – X reaches bottom of track near Rovagny and La Crosaz
    16:25:00 – X reaches main road near Giez

    16:35:00 – X reaches ‘home’

  • Good In Parts

    Living in Fear . . .

    That would be ONF1 – fearing les gendarmes had sussed he was a fabulist.

    He needn’t worry, they are more embarrassed than he is.

    Or they should be.

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