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7,524 thoughts on “Not Forgetting the al-Hillis continued

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  • michael norton

    A 64-year-old man who recently returned to Annecy from Lombardy tests positive for coronavirus,
    ski centers seem to be hot spots for spreading this virus.

  • Good In Parts

    Michael Norton

    The quote from The Telegraph you posted on the previous page was interesting:-

    Brian Paddick, the former Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner, said that unless there was clear evidence that ruled out the other theories, it was “dangerous” to switch the focus of the investigation to this country.
    “It smacked to me of more of a political decision than a professional police one,” he said.
    “It was as if they did not want the reputation of France, and particularly this picturesque tourist spot, damaged by the suggestion that this could be anything to do with the French police or people in that area.”

    • michael norton

      Good In Parts
      “My general view has been that SM was targetted for a reason not directly connected with CS. This is probably why the gendarmes have not resolved the case.

      They investigated CS rather than SM.”

      It was so obviously about spying.

      My gut tells me the main target was Sylvain.
      He was probably shot first and very definitely the most times.
      Of course he was targeted.
      As Sylvain was on a pushbike, the killer did not randomly kill Mr.& Mrs.al-Hilli and her “mother” and try to kill their eldest daughter as mere collateral.
      They were killed as a group.

      There was to be an exchange between a person of the al-Hilli party and Sylvain.

      The Uncle of C.S. has been keeping his head down lately?
      Does he still think he is a target?

  • Good In Parts


    I cannot argue too much with your conclusions as they are pretty much what I used to think back in the day, before I ‘went local’ that is.

    But as the investigation progressed the probabilities shifted away from the SAH party being targetted.

    These days I would estimate the probabilities as follows:-

    P=0.7 for SM

    P=0.15 for the SAH party

    P=0.15 for other options

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