Invite Craig to Speak

Craig is available as a speaker. He is most often asked to speak on the events related in Murder in Samarkand and on the so-called “War on Terror”, and on the attack on civil liberties in the UK. He also talks on Africa and International Development, and on the future of Russia. He also speaks on a wide range of other other questions drawing on his twenty years experience as a British diplomat.

Craig is much in demand as a hilarious after dinner speaker.

Craig regularly speaks to groups both all over the UK, and internationally. He is willing to talk to groups and communities, to universities and schools. For example, in the past year Craig has spoken in 9 countries; to numerous Universities, both as part of faculty teaching and to university societies, to both private and state schools, to conferences, political parties, literary festivals, churches and Muslim gatherings, community associations and to local groups as diverse as Amnesty International and the Women’s Institute.

Craig asks organisations which are in a position to pay a fee, to pay whatever fee they can afford in line with their normal practice. Over half of his talks are given free to worthwhile groups. In that case the group should pay all travel expenses plus £30 for incidentals.

A few points:

In a meeting Craig will normally expect to speak for at least half an hour, to develop his themes. He does do “Panel” meetings.

Craig attracts large audiences and would normally expect to talk to at least fifty people. It is therefore sensible to be able to guarantee about thirty before inviting him.

In the interests of the environment, Craig travels by public transport. It is helpful if you book the tickets and send them, as we often don’t have time to do this far enough in advance to get cheap deals.

Craig cannot do budget air travel, for medical reasons. If overnight accommodation is required, he is happy to stay in either home or hotel, but in either case needs an ensuite bathroom.

If there is an opportunity for a book signing after the event, we will supply the books unless the event is in a bookshop.

Do keep reminding us as the date approaches. We are often under a lot of deadline pressure, and there is a danger of an appointment being overlooked, so do not worry about nagging!

To invite Craig to speak, email craigmurray AT mail DOT ru