Lord Levy and the Porn Star 3

Thanks to Blairwatch for this, which falls into the absolutely too wonderful to be true category.


It is of course from The Sun, which generally means it is unlikely to be true, except that the Sun do not insult New Labour unless they have to, and go out of their way to limit that aspect of the damage. Epitomises the oozing sleaze that is NuLab. But why pretend they had a title, when they could have just bought one from Lord Levy?

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3 thoughts on “Lord Levy and the Porn Star

  • Drumcondra

    The lady in question, has a clarification on her website at http://www.courtneycoventry.com/ :

    29 June 2007 : My response to the recent Newspaper Articles about me

    1. I was flown to the UK from Nice on Tues 26 of June by the Police Investigating Cash for Honours (Peerages) to give a formal statement at THEIR request.

    2. The officers in charge of the investigation had my statement by email several weeks prior to flying me out.

    3. I want to address two inaccurate statements that were made by a certain paper months ago and are now being taken as fact and reprinted. First the title Countess was NEVER used with the Labour Party and all documents I have from the Labour Party show that I was known as ONLY as MRS. Coventry. Therefore all the so called quotes from me regarding using the title are entirely made up. Second, for some reason the papers have taken to calling me a former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner. I have spent quite a bit of time at the Playboy Mansion in the past however I am NOT a former girlfriend.

    4. While I appreciate the reason reporters are contacting me and requesting a copy of my statement and documents I have in my possession in relation to the investigation I hope they understand that AT THIS TIME, I can not provide either. The information contained in my statement will be made available in the future either by way of a statement during a trial or, should the police decide not to use the information and statement I will make them available to the press as to stop the speculation as to what information I have.

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