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The mainstream media for the most part has moved on. But there are a few more gleanings to be had, of perhaps the most interesting comes from the Daily Mirror, which labels al-Hilli an extremist on the grounds that he was against the war in Iraq, disapproved of the behaviour of Israel and had doubts over 9/11 – which makes a great deal of the population “extremist”. But the Mirror has the only mainstream mention I can find of the possibility that Mossad carried out the killings. Given Mr al-Hilli’s profession, the fact he is a Shia, the fact he had visited Iran, and the fact that Israel heas been assassinating scientists connected to Iran’s nuclear programme, this has to be a possibility. There are of course other possibilities, but to ignore that one is ludicrous.

Which leads me to the argument of Daily Mail crime reporter, Stephen Wright, that the French police should concentrate on the idea that this was a killing by a random Alpine madman or racist bigot. Perfectly possible, of course, and the anti-Muslim killings in Marseille might be as much a precedent as Mossad killings of scientists. But why the lone madman idea should be the preferred investigation, Mr Wright does not explain. What I did find interesting from a man who has visited many crime scenes are his repeated insinuations that the French authorities are not really trying very hard to find who the killers were, for example:

the crime scene would have been sealed off for a minimum of seven to ten days, to allow detailed forensic searches for DNA, fibres, tyre marks and shoe prints to take place.
Nearby bushes and vegetation would have been searched for any discarded food and cigarette butts left by the killer, not to mention the murder weapon.
But from what I saw at the end of last week, no such searches had taken place and potentially vital evidence could have been missed. House to house inquiries in the local area had yet to be completed and police had not made specific public appeals for information about the crime. No reward had been put up for information about the shootings.
Behind the scenes, what other short cuts have been taken? Have police seized data identifying all mobile phones being used in the vicinity of the murders that day?

The idea that the French authorities – who are quite as capable as any other of solving cases – are not really trying very hard is an interesting one.

Which leads me to this part of a remarkable article from the Daily Telegraph, which if true points us back towards a hit squad and discounts the ides that there was only one gun:

Claims that only one gun was used to kill everybody is likely to be disproved by full ballistics test results which are out in October.
While the 25 spent bullet cartridges found at the scene are all of the same kind, they could in fact have come from a number of weapons of the same make.
This throws up the possibility of a well-equipped, highly-trained gang circling the car and then opening fire.
Both children were left alive by the killers, who had clinically pumped bullets into everybody else, including five into Mr Mollier.
Zainab was found staggering around outside the car by Brett Martin, a British former RAF serviceman who cycled by moments after the attack, but he saw nobody except the schoolgirl.
Her sister, Zeena, was found unscathed and hiding in the car eight hours later.
Both sisters are now back in Britain, and are believed to have been reunited at a secret location near London.

There are of course a number of hit squad options, both governmental and private, which might well involve iraqi or Iranian interests – on both of which the mainstream media have been very happy to speculate while almost unanimously ignoring Israel.

But what interests me is why the Daily Telegraph choose, in the face of all the evidence, to minimise the horrific nature of the attack by stating that “Both children were left alive by the killers”? Zainab was not left alive by design, she was shot in the chest and her skull was stove in, which presumably was a pretty serious attempt to kill a seven year-old child. The other girl might very well have succeeded in hiding from the killers under her mother’s skirts, as she hid from the first rescuers, and then for eight hours from the police.

The Telegraph article claims to be informed by sources close to the investigation. So they believe it was a group of people, and feel motivated to absolve those people from child-killing. Now what could the Daily Telegraph be thinking?

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  • Tim Veater

    23 Oct, 2014 – 10:00 pm “Lone Wolves” and “Lockdown” have become buzz words this century – decade even – and we’ve seen it all over. This is repeated on the tone and content of leader’s comments, changes to more militaristic policing and precautions, pressure to rescind rights and protections, terror legislation proposed, “threat” level increased, similar lies and manipulation of public opinion. This cannot be co incidental. I believe there has been a coordinated international ploy to deceive and manipulate, but if so to what end and objective?

  • Q

    Tim, the mother is an immigration official of high rank in the Canadian civil service (and lawyer) and the father fought in Libya in 2011. A Canadian company supplied drones to the rebels and somebody trained them to operate the drones for use in Libya, FYI. Further, the mother attended Concordia University on Montreal, a place known for its radical student organizations.

    There are a lot of unanswered questions other than just how a child of privilege with a private school education and a WASP name switched gears and found fame. People are also wondering why his accomplices have been written out of the story now.

    The War Measures Act was invoked during the FLQ terrorism of 1970. This is different.

  • Q

    For anyone not familiar with Concordia, it seems to be on the news for one thing or another. Right now it’s the Luka Magnotta trial.

  • Q

    Concordia students also had issues with Israel at one point. News outlets have not said when the shooter’s mother attended Concordia, nor whether she had been involved in activism while there. This is relevant, given what happened this week.

  • Q

    To what end, Tim V? There are so many parallels and commonly-used catchphrases coming from officials scattered around the globe that it starts to be a pattern. What alliances exist between the countries that have lone wolves lately?

  • Q

    And so back to Lachlan Cranswick.

    Russell Williams was called a lone wolf.

    Pure coincidence that some media reported speculation that Cranswick may have been killed by wolves.

    Also coincidence that the military base at Petawawa is nearby.

    The murdered reservist had trained at Petawawa.

    Petawawa has had a number of its soldiers charged with sexual assaults, including one partcularly

  • michael norton

    Yes Q,
    I think it is true that almost all YELLOW CAKE for FRANCE
    either comes from Niger or from Canada.


    this now seems to run through this thread


    also seems to run through this thread

    people who suffer unusual deaths

    and there is no reasonable follow up

    this features very highly in the thread.

  • michael norton

    The number of jobless in France once again increased in September,
    reaching a new record high of 3.43 million unemployed, government figures revealed Friday.

    Perhaps The Hapless Hollande should stop engaging in adventures overseas
    and spend his efforts in attempting to sort out his own sclerotic country.

  • michael norton

    84% of the electorate in France have no faith in The Hapless Hollande.

    that must mean that there are still 16% who think he is doing a good job?

  • michael norton

    I hope the French Gendarmes have managed to track down the “sister” of Glenn Miller
    so they can “hear” her.
    If they have not yet managed to find her, they could ask the Portsmouth bobbies to look for her?

  • Tim Veater

    DVD and all that…

    who leaked the confidential Swiss account again?

    Christopher Story was – it is claimed – assassinated by laboratory virus Significantly this summary avoids mention of the circumstances of his death. The piece is also “disputed”.

    The following is from a different source claiming that Story (72) believed he had been infected with a deadly virus by the CIA on a visit to the US in the spring of 2010. People familiar with this blog will recognise 2010 as a significant year in many ways.

    “Story was poisoned during a March, 2010 visit to the US with a virus created by the Fort Meade biological warfare facility, according to close associates of Story who spoke to him the day before his July 14th death. Although there exists an antidote for this virus, Story was unaware he was poisoned with it until recently by which point his liver damage had progressed too far for treatment, according to the sources.”

    “The criminal cabal is creating incidents everywhere in a bid to start martial law in the West”. There may be more than a grain of truth in that. How else do we explain the rather spooky sychronisity of statements, policies and events that we witness?

  • Tim Veater

    If we can knowingly misrepresent this incident, we can lie about anything!

    Not to forensically document the site or collect and re-assemble all the artefacts, is so contrary to normal practice, it just yells subterfuge. When this is linked to immediate statement placing the blame on Russian ground fired missiles in the absence of ANY evidence, indeed the evidence is quite contrary, and even base anti-Russian sanctions on the back of it, we know there is western inspired conspiracy of the worst kind. How, in such circumstances, can we have ANY confidence in our own government, let alone others?

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