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125 thoughts on “Closing Blackburn Rally With Roger Waters

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  • Walt

    3 minutes ago

    Sir Keir Starmer holds onto his seat in north London

    Sir Keir Starmer has held onto his Holborn and St Pancras constituency, as he is expected to lead his party into a landslide victory.

    He won 18,884 votes, a 17 per cent drop from the last election after a number of votes went to independent candidate Andrew Feinstein.

  • David Warriston

    Starmer’s speech was a parody of political cliché. He ‘has our backs’- whatever that means. Is this an Americanism I have been slow to recognise? He will also ‘fight our corner’. which sounds easier on my ear, except it really means an attempt to pursue US imperialism. Anyhow, like any Deliveroo cyclist, that coolie of consumer capitalism, he ‘will deliver’. The language is as substantial as the man and the party which is about to take control of the UK. I’ll give him 18 months, although if I were a judge in a criminal court I would give him much more than that.

    • DunGroanin

      Lol, thanks for the gallows humour.
      It’s probably something to do with public school boy buggery references (having our backs, getting into our tight corners and delivering into them)
      Well at least he is honest – we are going to get screwed by him whether we like it or not!

      The most amusing aspect is how he has suddenly had a Maggie type remodelling as the media personality – flashy, shiny, expensive suits and glasses and probably elocution llessons to sound lesss squeaky Dalek as he starts screaming Exterminate!
      Can’t wait for his Hugo Boss outfits as her starmztrooper goes to rock the free world!

        • DunGroanin

          That’ll be you with the agit prop trying to get a rise from me – Starmzy is already a fascist zionazi warmongering Palestinian murdering xenophobe – what’s it to you?

        • Urban Fox

          Apparently he is a Pabloite, a bizarre offshoot of Leninism. Not surprising Blair’s cabinet and then wider Labour party and general milu was utterly infested with (non-disavowed) trots, schoolboy revolutionaries, bourgeois radicals, KGB assets etc. To which a discreet veil was drawn over. By the media.

          One might ask doesn’t that contradict their post-1997 disgusting, neo-s**t-lib, pro-oligarch avarice etc.

          Nope, it’s like Mental Micky & A Bunch of Wallies. They want to *rich* Marxist-Trotskyite-Anarchists. Or whatever the f**k they actually are…

    • Tom Welsh

      “He ‘has our backs’- whatever that means. Is this an Americanism I have been slow to recognise?”

      Yes, it is an Americanism. But if you are in doubt, just feel gently between your shoulder blades and see if you can feel something hard sticking out.

  • Walt

    1 minute ago

    Jeremy Corbyn holds Islington North as Independent candidate

    Jeremy Corbyn has held onto his seat in Islington North, winning 24,120 votes compared to 16,873 won by Labour.

    The former Labour leader has been the MP for over 40 years but was barred from standing for Sir Keir Starmer’s party and therefore announced his intention to run as an Independent.

    • David Warriston

      I thought Corbyn was supposed to be unelectable.

      I await with interest the votes total cast for Labour in 2017 and what is reported in the small print tomorrow to proclaim a Labour landslide.

      • David Warriston

        Michael Fabricant, the Tory eccentric who looks like he stole Elton John’s wig, has managed to lose a majority of around 20,000 votes. He was a loud Brexiteer back in the day so that perhaps shows how the political winds have changed.

        Or maybe not, The combined Conservative and Reform Party votes were more than the Labour victor managed.

      • El Dee

        Mandy effectively called the electorate stupid in that he stated they thought they were voting Labour when voting for Corbyn. But that’s Mandy for you..

    • Squeeth

      Pity but that’s what happens in fascist “electoral” systems. Liarbour 2% down on the 2017 result and a “landslide”. Mussolini and Acerbo would approve.

      • Urban Fox

        You don’t understand.

        “Our” managed democracy is best democracy!

        Because values, far-right/left, Putin and diversity is our strength. In everything*but* policy & idealogy.

    • M.J.

      This is a truly remarkable achievement by Hussain, when you consider that he didn’t have genius-level ability like Craig, didn’t have the help of famous politicians like George Galloway or world-class Pulitzer-prize winning journalists like Chris Hedges, and was running against Jack Straw’s successor who had a large majority.
      And on his first attempt! I’m impressed.
      He wouldn’t wear a Palestine flag, but then he was aspiring to serve Blackburnians, not Palestinians.
      Craig, you tried. And you retained your deposit this time, that’s something. You can return to Scotland in peace.
      Anyone got a link to the announcement of the Blackburn result?

  • Walt

    Adnan Hussain won Blackburn, 10518; Labour second. Craig third, 7105.
    Farage is in.
    Galloway is out.
    Braverman is still there.
    Mordaunt is out so she’s not taking over the remnant.
    But Sunak is back in and admits defeat!
    Labour attack dog Ashworth becomes first Labour Gaza scalp.
    And Wes Streeting hangs on to seat by just 500 votes
    SNP getting mauled.
    Tory chief whip Simon Hart has lost to Plaid Cymru!!!
    Starmer says “The people have spoken and they are ready for change.”
    Damn right they are. But.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.
    You’ve just switched one right wing, austerity imposing, genocide supporting party for another.
    Ah well. A drink to Corbyn tonight and to the smashing of the Tories, anyway. That I should live this long.
    But I think I’ll stay in China, thank you. Over, and out.

    • Al Dossary

      Sad, sad times. From one genocidal Zionist cabal to another. Decent result for Craig, but not quite enough unfortunately. UK election system is broken, bit neither Labour or Tory have any desire to fix it.

      SNP are thoroughly (but deservedly) trounced. A party whose sole purpose to exist was independence that became hooked on the Gravy train has just seen said gravy spilled all over the floor.

      • DunGroanin

        The task of Sturgeon and Crown Agents was to kill the SNP and the Indy mindset through the corruption of the party through its management.
        The brand needed to be muddied by n the minds of the Scot’s.
        The money fiddling and police investigation all part of that.
        Mission accomplished the prize is the loss of seats in Westminster.
        If they got any gumption the assembly elections should be the springboard and I expect CM to be properly involved with that with Alba as the SNP believers find that New Home.
        Good luck Scotland if you can conquer your inferiority complex to the English and it’s supposed welfare state lies.

        • will moon

          Yes by fracturing the Independence movement, these sellouts have served Westminister not the people who wanted Independence

          It is a good example why unity is so important, don’t you think Dungroaning?

          Do you think these traitors do it knowingly or are just useful idiots?

          • DunGroanin

            will moon, the idiots are the ones who don’t understand simple exposition of plots and remain gullible ingenues all their lives.
            They seem to be the real traitors, hmm?

          • will moon

            Why do you tell lies about stuff you know nothing about?

            It makes anything you say dubious

          • DunGroanin

            What lies? will moon.

            Gas lighting is so passé , don’t you think?
            Makes people very dubious of anyone trying it , dontcha know that yet!

          • will moon

            You said Galloway and Corbyn were at loggerheads only last week

            They were not, both making statements to that effect, shortly after you posted your divisive opinions as fact

          • DunGroanin

            I quoted Galloway as reported by the press – and stick by that report unless GG has challenged it and had a retraction from that media.
            If not – don’t call again.

  • El Dee

    Well, my commiserations to you Craig. But with a total of FOUR independents running you have done remarkably well. It does appear that any notion of splitting the vote to allow the Labour candidate through has very badly backfired though. Hell slap it intae them..

  • Definitely Not 4BwD

    That was a close one. Surprising that a dark horse, out of nowhere, backed by Straw’s people….by fewer than 200 votes.

    Congratulations on getting this far.

  • Jack

    While it is great that Tories are out Labour is as bad as far on foreign policies, nonetheless – it is a small win, I hope.
    Obviously Tories stance on Israel played a vital part especially for the youth in their rejection of Tories – even though the media seems to go to great lengths denying this fact. In a way, Netanyahu made sure Tories lost. Great job Sunak!

    Not anticipating anything now from Labour, I assume we will see some type of lustration by the Labour where the pro-palestinian reps. will be ostracized / out of any power.
    And while we often talk about foreign policy here, the social policies is about to turn worse too as Keir flirting with billionaire invesment companies to get a foot in and wreck havoc with their neoliberal economic ideas:.

    “Labour wants BlackRock to cream profit off rebuilding Britain”

  • frankywiggles

    There was no basis on which Adnan Hussein could be considered a more impressive candidate than Craig Murray. He knew that very well himself, which is why he dodged any debates. Is there any alternative explanation for this result other than “the community” voted as they were told by “community leaders” / “community elders”?

  • DunGroanin

    Congrats CM great result given you got stitched up.
    GG has been proved to be rubbish as I have long said…
    For the tribal fuckwits of Blackburn who turned their backs on Gaza and Palestine and voted for war and extermination – there will be karma not long in coming.

    The first message that Herr Starmztrooper got was from the president of the Illegal Entity. President not PM!
    Calling for more war on Palestine.

    Now the great News :

    Jezza Corbyn WON, fair and square and will become the FATHER OF THE HOUSE !
    The Great Knight Dope has been humiliated in his own seat and all the staunch Labour ones in London. Especially Abbots.
    Local democracy DOES work.

    MP, Votes, % share, registered, turnout, turnout change
Corbyn 24,120 49.2% 72,582 68% -5.20%
Starmer 18,884 48.9% 71,300 54% – 5%

    Corbyn got 25% more actual votes ~ 5k and higher percentage share than Starmzy – who starts off his ‘landslide’ with that personal embarrassment and no one should let him forget it.

    Labour got millions fewer votes than previous elections under Corbyn but many more seats – mysteriously.

    At first sight – The Great Knight Dope is going to need all these extra seats as the real opposition will be on his benches … for a short time

    There are mysteries – especially how Labour enabled IDS to stay on in Chingford, by splitting the vote between ousted popular previous Labour candidate who had to stand as independent and parachuted Labour!

    Another mystery seems to be a magica number 53 – % turnout.
    Checkout these Labour seats one of which is the City of London turning from Blue to Red (which is extremely mysterious – as usual is with The City)

    MP, Votes, % share, registered, turnout, turnout change
    Thornberry 22,946 53.7% 74,122 58% -11%
    Abbott 24,355 59.5% 77,797 53% -15.5%
    Lammy 23,066 57.5% 75,906 53% -7.3%
    Hillier 24,724 59.3% 78,262 53% -10.3%
    Blake 15,302 39% 73,369 53% -17.9%
    Creasy 27,172 59.3% 76,338 60% -8.1%

    All together now -sing it
    # Oh! Jeremy Corbyn #

    • will moon

      “ GG has been proved to be rubbish as I have long said”

      No last week you said he was slagging Corbyn off – don’t you remember?

      So you spread lies about the challengers to the British State and its support for the Genocide in Gaza.

      Have you no shame?

    • Lapsed Agnostic

      Sir Edward Leigh will be the Father of the House*, DG, since he was sworn in a few days earlier than Corbyn in 1983. I had thought it would continue to be Sir Peter Bottomley, but he lost his seat in Worthing West to Labour – having been there been there a few times, I still can’t quite believe that.

      * At least until the surfeit of port gets him. Anyway, in fitting with my occasional theme of UK politicians that look like characters from 80’s sci-fi TV series (see Starmzy/Kryten from Red Dwarf), have you noticed how you never see Edward Leigh and Yung-Star from Terrahawks in the same room?

      P.S. If anyone’s interested, I’ll try to do an election round-up at the weekend once I’ve thoroughly digested the (quirky, shall we say) results.

      • Bayard

        Presumably you’ve already “done” Hunt/Rimmer. We also still have Roland Rat and Dobby in the House, but they weren’t in any 80s sci-fi series.

        • Lapsed Agnostic

          Thanks for your reply Bayard. Well spotted vis-a-vis Jeremy Hunt & Rimmer. Not sure about ‘Dobby in the House’ though. Are you referring to Dobby the elf from Harry Potter, Dobby from Peep Show, or someone else?

      • DunGroanin

        He is a Catholic and traditionalist as far as I can discern.
        It looks like he was targeted by Reform as part of the planned destruction of Tory seats and artificial creation of Starmers majority – lucky he won with a massive drop in vote!

        Apart from his insane desire to achieve a European insurance model for the NHS and its continued privatisation, he seems like a usual one nation tory Maggie fan boi- and he doesn’t like gay marriage …
        He was offered the Ambassadorship to the Holy See but refused.
        As you say perhaps a few extra cases of Holy Wine might help him interpret an earlier retirement- though I expect JC will get there sooner or later.

        • Lapsed Agnostic

          Thanks for your reply DG. He’s deffo a traditional Tory and president of the Cornerstone Group. However, traditional One Nation Tories don’t tend to be the biggest Thatcher fans – she appeals more to Whigs and trad Liberals.

  • Colin Alexander

    “Pro-Scottish independence” and avowed republican Craig fought a good campaign for a Unionist party in his goal to serve as a UK MP sworn to serve the English Crown. But, oh dear, his votes didn’t amount to a hill of beans.

    Not enough of the good people of Blackburn were willing to elect a candidate that supports men in dresses accessing women’s changing rooms and toilets.

    But, if Craig’s campaign did some good highlighting the plight of the Palestinian people, then I suppose his supporters’ time and money wasn’t completely wasted.

    • will moon

      Not sure what you’re point here is – unless you have come for a gloat

      Mr Murray may have beliefs I don’t share but I can live with that, in view of sharing an over-arching conviction that mass killing must be opposed wherever it occurs

      What is your opinion on the slaughter of so many civilians that is taking place as I write?

      • Colin Alexander

        “What is your opinion on the slaughter of so many civilians that is taking place as I write?” I think it is absolutely terrible. An evil, a horror, that words cannot convey.

        If Craig betraying the causes of republicanism and Scottish sovereignty; if Craig staying silent about Alex Salmond keeping voting figures secret in Craig’s Alba Party’s vote-rigging scandal, if another ” a man in a dress is a woman” woke MP like Craig was the price to stop the slaughter, I would have been more supportive.

        But, I think it was not realistic to believe that Craig Murray MP would prevent the death of a single innocent child or adult in Gaza.

        So, I didn’t comment to gloat. I just feel better getting it off my chest that I think Craig Murray betrayed Scottish independence and republicanism and tacitly accepted bullying and cheating in his Alba Party. So, he has no grounds to complain if he also suffered being stabbed in the back to prevent his election in Blackburn. What goes around comes around, as they say.

        But, I will praise Craig for his speaking out about against the slaughter in Gaza and for the times he remained loyal to other important causes, like journalistic freedom etc.

  • Jon

    Just a quick note to say “bloody well done” to Craig and the team for a fantastic campaign. The result is still better than a Labour win, and now folks in Blackburn can hold their new MP’s feet to the fire. He says it’s a win for Gaza, OK; he must now prove it.

    Very happy to see Corbyn returned. Plus, I think, four Green MPs.

    • Xavi

      Keeping Craig Murray out of Parliament is a Labour win. They knew this was the only way they could stop him: get a Muslim to run against him as an anti-Labour, anti-genocide ‘independent ‘. Or must we believe Ibrahim Master is no longer aligned with the Labour Right?

      • Jon

        Well, a proper Labour win would have been for Labour to have won in Blackburn. Labour’s upset here was motivated by Gaza, and they will now understand their loss as a consequence of their support for the genocide. I agree with you that Master looks like a stooge for imperialism, and I further posit that it looks like the Islamic community here is (still) willing to vote on instructions from Islamic leaders. That is of course frustrating.

        All that said, I still think that the effort from Craig and team is creditable, and I wanted to recognise that. This is tempered with the frustration that the media came out for Labour and the public voted in that direction obediently with little thought for Labour’s lurch to the militarist Right. Kicking out the Tories was a good thing, but I am not sure much Tory policy will have been kicked out once the euphoria dies down.

        • Bayard

          ” I am not sure much Tory policy will have been kicked out once the euphoria dies down.”

          Almost none is my guess.

  • Republicofscotland

    The result.

    “The final result is in for Blackburn: Kate Hollern – Labour 10,386; Adnan Hussain – Independent 10,518; Jamie McGowan – Conservative 3,474; Denise Morgan – Green 1,416; Craig Murray – Workers Party 7,105; Tiger Patel – Independent 369; Natasha Shah – Independent 86.”

  • Xavi

    Keir Starmer had every force that was ranged against Corbyn pulling for him — the oligarchs, the media, the liberal mandarins, the pro-Israel lobby, the ex-spooks, the Atlanticist hacks — and he could still only manage 2% more than Labour’s “worst defeat since 1935”. Pathetic.

    • Bayard

      However, that that 2% got him a landslide victory encapsulates so much of what is wrong with the UK electoral system.

  • Ian

    Sorry you didn’t make it, Craig, but I still think that is a very creditable result. Without the shenanigans and deliberate attempt to split the anti-Labour vote, and the sudden appearance of Hussain, you may well have won. But thank you very much for having the courage and stamina to take your principles of justice to the campaign and host that absolute rarity in this election – open debate with your potential constituents where anybody could listen and question. I think it proves the power of reasoned, honest exchanges of views, and it staggers me that virtually no other candidate or constituency thought this was a good and necessary, indeed essential, part of an election.
    Do have a good rest and I will look forward to your reflections all in good time. And do give yourself some credit for the many interventions you have made recently, and which have helped enormously in making the case for transparency, reason and justice.

  • Wilshire

    I think yesterday’s results are rather remarkable. Bravo.
    What actually matter are the COMBINED votes for the FOUR Gaza-friendly candidates. And the total is about 18,000, almost twice the score of Genocide-enabling so-called labour party. And quite an impressing figure, considering the turnout.
    I have no doubt that, come the next election, pro-Palestine voters will rule Blackburn. And then, no need to flip a coin, Craig Murray will reach the top, and Roger Waters lead the marching band.
    In the meantime, I’m sure this Adnan Hussain can use educated advice on how to speak in the HoC, and properly use his platform.
    You don’t always get what you want, but you always get what you need…

  • portside

    I am gutted they succeeded in thwarting you Craig. It would have been awesome to see you in the House of Commons. You were very aware in advance though that Blackburn is a rotten borough, its Muslim community “under such tight control they voted overwhelmingly for Straw”, even after Iraq. It was always going to be a huge ask to break that control. You deserve great credit for giving it such a good go and coming pretty close, local conditions considered.

  • Pears Morgaine

    So once again we have a minority government. Labour won 64% of the seats with 35% of the votes.

    But we don’t need PR in this country.

    • ET

      Didn’t the UK hold a referendum in 2011 to change to an alternative voting system which failed to pass?
      I agree the FPTP system is absurd.

      • Pears Morgaine

        Turnout was down by 7 percentage points on the last GE to 60%. So Labour were voted in with an unstoppable majority in terms of seats by 21% of the electorate.

        • Jimmy Riddle

          Pears Morgaine – under proportional representation, we would probably now have a Tory / Fartage coalition, with Fartage pulling the strings – and we wouldn’t want that now, would we?

        • Bayard

          “So Labour were voted in with an unstoppable majority in terms of seats by 21% of the electorate.”

          and 2% more votes changed “the worst defeat since 1935” into “a landslide”.

      • Bayard

        “Didn’t the UK hold a referendum in 2011 to change to an alternative voting system which failed to pass?”

        It failed to pass because voters realised that the Alternative Vote idea was insufficiently different from FPTP to be worth changing to. It was improving the pig by the application of lipstick. The whole referendum was designed to fail and so be a means of shutting down the LIb Dem calls for electoral reform.

    • Bayard

      We need reform of the electoral system, but that doesn’t necessarily mean PR. PR entrenches the party system and no electoral system which strengthens the role of the parties in government will produce any meaningful change, as the parties are a big part of the problem.

  • tonyopmoc

    Craig Murray got incredibly close to being elected. Very Well done.

    The only thing that cheered me up about the result, apart from the Tories being almost completely wiped out…..

    …was Jeremy Corbyn – The Heart and Soul of The Legitimate Labour Party – being Elected as an INDEPENDENT.

    I can’t stand almost all of the rest of the other “politicians” – mostly brainwashed, corrupt or stupid criminals

    The new lot will soon find out.


  • Fat Jon

    I congratulate Craig on getting more than 7000 votes in Blackburn, but I notice a trend to Asian Independent candidates getting elected for inner city constituencies.

    There is one in Birmingham, and another one near Leeds (Batley). I’m not trying to be racist, but I wonder if this is some kind of planned way of making sure certain communities get representation at Westminster?

    It may be the only way for minorities to get MPs via the unfair FPTP system, and maybe the Green party can learn a lesson here? They seem to have managed it in Bristol Central.

  • SaorAlba

    ‘And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack, and you may find yourself in another part of the world…same as it ever was, same as it ever was…’ (Talking Heads ‘Once in a Lifetime’)

    • Wilshire

      “ Come you masters of war
      You that build the big guns
      You that build the death planes
      You that build all the bombs
      You that hide behind walls
      You that hide behind desks
      I just want you to know
      I can see through your masks”
      (Bob Dylan, ‘Masters of War’)

  • wordwhisperer

    No victor in “winning” when no sense of pride
    a man namely Smarmer – who vileness can’t hide
    won’t stand up for woman or say what they are
    on board with the woke a gaslighter true
    a knee for the cause – what a to do
    his image in Vogue what a sad sap
    new glasses new jacket and a face full of slap
    yaps on about being a working class lad
    anyone who falls for his spiels has been had
    his nose like a drinkers all red on his cheeks
    mirror an old tramp whiskey breath that will reek
    his voice sounds like Zippy – from the show called Rainbow
    bleating on with no soul his beady eyes tell us so
    Genocide in GAZA – he shows no care for the souls
    lying in blood baths while murder takes toll
    a globalist true from his head to his toes
    asked who he preferred and Davos he chose
    Yes Smarmer no charmer a horror a sham
    a man for no seasons – a man with a plan
    to do master’s bidding the globalists his boss
    for anyone else – he will never count the cost –

  • wordwhisperer

    Ode – A Thousand Words – GAZA

    No God or good – ever could – be found in dwellings built on blood,
    as graves beneath each home err ‘quake, memories in each brick awake
    a conscience deep within each soul, holds truth in heart which takes its toll
    on daily tasks, and never will, find peace in buildings built at will,
    on death and blood and children’s screams no light err ‘come from all that’s been

    A thousand words on page could write and still not find the words that might
    Convey dismay of slaughter seen – streamed live each day onto our screens

    No past treaties agreed by stealth will ever give souls peace or wealth,
    Nor foundations built on blood and bones, will never bring a peaceful home,
    No amount of bombs and guns, can ever chase or truth outrun,
    Nakbar displacements killing sprees, in plain sight for all to see
    Genocide streamed live now roams across the world into our homes

    A thousand words on page could write And still not find the words that might
    Convey dismay of slaughter seen – streamed live each day onto our screens

    Cease fire a bribe for 40 days, will stop the Genocide they say
    Pressure brought election year, but campus youths will not adhere
    as children murdered staved and burnt, protests just prove no lessons learnt
    Unless one state in fairness brings where equal rights like bird on wing
    In Palestine with Gods good grace – live side by side – as human race

    A thousand words on page could write And still not find the words that might
    Convey dismay of slaughter seen – streamed live each day onto our screens

  • wordwhisperer

    This interview shows how many young Jews living in Israel today are totally against the genocide in Palestine – The film Israelism is the film these young Jews made showing and proving the vile indoctrination of all Jews from birth in Israel and beyond well worth watching – This interview on Al Jazeera interviews two of the young Jewish film makers

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