The Rejection of Starmerism 172

Millions fewer people turned out to make Keir Starmer Prime Minister than turned out to attempt the same for Jeremy Corbyn. That is the most important fact of this election, and the one the mainstream media works hardest to hide.


Corbyn 2017: 12,877.918
Corbyn 2019: 10,269,213
Starmer 2024: 9,634,399

I don’t think any Prime Minister has ever come to power with less popular enthusiasm than Keir Starmer.

Here in Blackburn we had an astonishing result. I was working on projections which had the Labour vote falling from 29,000 to 15,000 which seemed amazing enough. Although on the doorstep the Labour vote seemed extremely soft, I didn’t imagine it could fall from 29,000 to 10,000 in one election.

This is even more extraordinary because the sitting MP, Kate Hollern, was standing again and during the entire campaign I never heard a bad word against her.

The Labour vote collapsed for two reasons. Firstly because of Starmer’s ardent zionism and the genocide in Gaza. Secondly because Blackburn is a town with a strong socialist tradition, which held entirely firm for Corbyn when the red wall collapsed in 2019.

It is fair to say that Gaza caused the Labour vote to collapse in the Muslim areas and that Labour’s extreme switch to the Thatcherite right caused the Labour vote to collapse in the (there is no good way to say this) white areas. But it is important to realise that there is community crossover on both issues.

While there was concern that “vote-splitting” of the pro-Palestinian vote would let Labour back in, in the end Labour just collapsed too far and in fact the mechanism was more complicated than that.

Very little of Adnan Hussain’s vote came from the “white” areas. I personally witnessed the counting of one ward in the south of the constituency where he only got 2 votes but I got 120, in a ward normally entirely Labour. In fact my ability to take “white” socialist or protest votes from Labour allowed Adnan Hussain in.

I have published my doubts about some of the figures behind Adnan. I sincerely hope he will now prove me wrong and become a formidable opponent to Starmer, particularly over Palestine.

Allow me to say I thought we did brilliantly to get over 7,000 votes. Only 5 weeks ago we had only Naila, myself and one local man who wished to be anonymous. We had no office, no money except what you readers crowdfunded, no party members and no contacts.

From that standing start we wrote, designed, printed and delivered 170,000 leaflets, held five great public meetings and spoke to thousands of voters. We had 80 volunteers working really hard by the end. 30 came from Blackburn and others from 13 different countries!!

Our opponents had well-established networks of supporters and activists. At times our campaign was enormously stressful, at times enormously fun. I must confess I found some of the personal and religious bigotry thrown at me hard to cope with at times.

Well, that is over. The voter turnout in Blackburn was a horribly low 53%. In an election where only 3 million people could bother to watch a Sunak/Starmer TV “debate” that was a race for the right-wing ground, the foundations of Starmer’s apparently huge mandate are very shaky indeed.

Watch this space.

I am exhausted today – obviously more developed thoughts will follow.

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172 thoughts on “The Rejection of Starmerism

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  • Highlander

    1. Sturgeon resigned after all the hypocrisy of woke and Rainbow nonsense. Scotland is a liberal yet conservative disposition. The £600,000.00 missing donations! The two year police investigation.
    2. All the talk of conscription by the Tories, Rishi Sunak calling the election date, preplanned.
    3. The French elections to be completed by the 7th July ready for the next nato meeting on the 11th July.
    4. Starmer, visiting the USA defence, secretly. All records of his visits and whom he had meeting as well as his flights, all deleted. Starmer a staunch self confessed Zionist and Talmud supporter, ie not a Jew, an extremist and stated he would support Israel at any cost,(you cannot have two masters), so he has signed a pact with the devil. Starmer like his predecessor Blair is presently signing the electorates death sentence conscription is ready to be served. The catalyst or black op is about to be sprung on Russia, costing our sons of our respective nations. Labour and Starmer winning the election capturing over 400+ MPs on minimal turn out, with three million less votes than under Corbyn. This is a planned Zionist, bankers, neocons escapade planned for more than ten years. Do you believe in Fairies, I certainly do not. Open your eyes! Smell the BS!

  • Yuri K

    In the XXI century, the British have started a new tradition: no matter how they vote, their new PM is worse than the previous one.

    Oh well, Craig, congrats.

  • Kuhnberg

    Despite its superficial appearance of fairness the UK electoral system is worryingly susceptible to interference. Corbyn’s 2017 near-miss sent shockwaves through the establishment, at home and abroad, rousing powerful interests to launch multiple campaigns to neutralise the threat. They tried removing him by way of a coup, outing him as a Czech spy, claiming him to be in the pay of Putin, suggesting that he was mentally incompetent and smearing him as a virulent antisemite. When these ruses failed they fell back on more radical tactics. A high profile infiltrator, the Human Rights lawyer Keir Starmer, insisted on lumbering Labour with the woefully unpopular second-referendum policy, while at the same time Nigel Farage stopped the Brexit Party from contesting any seats being defended by the Conservatives and concentrated its firepower instead on Corbyn’s Labour and the Liberal Democrats. As a result, Farage later said, “I killed the Liberal Democrats and I hurt the Labour Party.” The malign influence of Farage was equally effective in last week’s election, when his latest wheeze, Reform, was used to siphon off votes from Tory candidates across the country and thus usher in Starmer’s Labour with an enormous majority based on the choice of no more than 34% of those who voted. Another feature of this farce is the way the pollsters made out that Starmer was 20 points ahead, which allowed the media to claim that his party’s neo-liberal Labour platform was immensely popular. As it turns out his real lead – based far more on disgust with the Tories than any enthusiasm for Starmer’s brand of New Labour – was only 10%. This may make it seem that Farage has been the king-maker in these two elections; in fact he is as much a pawn of the political interests that determine these matters as Starmer himself. One way or another, the powerful are determined that the UK will continue on the ruinous course of neoliberal austerity which has made it such a horrible place over the last two decades.

    • DunGroanin

      JC was only kept out by vote fixing in both 2017 and 2019.

      Brexit referendum and Scottish Indy votes where such dark arts were deployed first.
      They were developed by Cummings in the North East and tested there.

      The details of postal votes are not publicised!
      The dead giveaway for there being ‘irregularities’ is the turnout percentage.
      In mature democracies it is rare to get anything over 65% t/o if that; any constituencies over that and certainly into 70+ is suspect.
      There are some constituencies which stand out like sore thumbs.

      A simple independent sampling of random households would easily reveal the conspiracy if they refuse to hand over the actual data on PV’s.

    • Zoltan Jorovic

      Excellent analysis. Everything points to further popular dissatisfaction with our political system leading to a collapse of the centre after Starmer fails to reverse the immiseration of the populace and address the numerous other strands of the polycrisis – not least the growing cost of energy and the environmental deterioration becoming all too visible (most obvious in our rivers).

  • ronan1882

    The election of Keir Starmer’s Labour Party was engineered by the British state in one of the most transparent top-down course corrections the state has done in modern times.

    • Stevie Boy

      Redefining electoral boundaries.
      Requiring ID.
      Delayed Postal Votes.
      Sudden appearance of independent candidates.
      Massive funding campaigns by foriegn governments.
      Sounds all fair and par for the course to me. 🙂

      • will moon

        The best “democracy” money can buy Stevie Boy and it was ever thus lol

        It is probably less onerous legally to launder money than to vote in British General Elections!

  • nevermind

    Dont forget the 163 spoiled votes which actually decided the election. Anarchy in an anachronistic election system, open to cheating, a fact to remember.

  • nevermind

    Dont forget the 163 spoiled votes which actually decided the election. Anarchy in an anachronistic election system, open to cheating, a fact to remember.

  • Matthew G. Saroff

    Am I correct in saying that you got your deposit back? If so, congratulations.

    [ Mod: The electoral rules state that “candidates who received more than 5% of the total valid votes cast in the constituency will have their deposit returned”. Craig Murray received a vote share of 18.3%. ]

  • Tom Welsh

    ‘In an election where only 3 million people could bother to watch a Sunak/Starmer TV “debate”…’

    I would pay good money to be excused from witnessing such a horrible spectacle.

  • Michael McNulty

    Though I originally thought the purpose of Farage joining the election late was to draw disaffected Tory voters to help Labour get in, I now think his purpose was to draw disaffected working class voters away from independents to help ensure Labour got in. It’s not possible to know who his party’s 4 million votes would have gone to, save to say perhaps that few would have gone to the Tories. Independents could have taken a lot more seats without his involvement I believe.

  • pete

    I suppose the Starmer project is essentially the New Labour project, that is Labour without the socialism, without the social awareness. I notice the the old new labour gang appearing at the ramparts, including the Bliar person. There was this item in the news feeds: appearing to show the regrouping of his gang on the tail of Herr Starmer’s “Landslide” – ie getting fewer votes than Corbyn in his election attempt. The thought of these people keen to make further money at the expense of those least able to protect themselves is very sad and bad news for anyone living in regions like the middle east where warmongers are most active.

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