Oh, The Shame, The Shame!! I think I’ll Have To Kill Myself 28

Preening Tory “Dorries” Dale has exposed me on his blog as a “Liar” because I said somethng had happened two days ago, when it happened three days ago.

I guess I’ll just have to give up blogging now…

He does rather fail though to address the point that “Norfolk through and through” Chloe Smith tried to become candidate for Ipswich before settling for Norwich.

The Tories “Norfolk throguh and through” candidate was born in Kent and works in London, even though she claims on her leaflets to live in Norwich. Hell of a commute. Indeed in a Daily Telegraph video interview she clearly states she visits Norwich at weekends. Who was the interviewer? Why, Iain Dale…

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28 thoughts on “Oh, The Shame, The Shame!! I think I’ll Have To Kill Myself

  • Tim Ireland

    Iain Dale is a prize hypocrite; he once set a lawyer on to me after he knowingly lied and I dared to call him a liar. According to Iain, in each and every case I am supposed to give him the benefit of the doubt to an absurd degree and ‘moderate’ my language so I instead say that he “doesn’t speak the exact truth” etc.

    And yet here he is assuming bad faith, accusing you of “outright lying” and (classic Dale) calling into question everything you have ever said on the basis of this.

    Not only is Iain Dale a liar, he is a man who tells the most ridiculous lies to bolster or cover up the original lie. He once claimed that he couldn’t possibly have called me a ‘nihilist’ because he didn’t even know the meaning of the word.

  • les

    I think the accuasation about you telling fibs still stands. Your assertion about him getting the wrong day is not credible. He goes on to say that what you describe never happened at all regardless of the day.

    It looks like you ahave been caught telling fibs and are dissembling !!

  • Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

    Iain Dale falls further and further in my esteem as the days pass, he seems to commit more and more vulgar acts of partizan nonsense, I think he senses he could be a somebody soon if the right things go his way…

  • Craig


    Well, I have a witness (Ingo) who says it did happen. I know who I believe.

  • John

    So you got the day wrong, the time wrong, and there were no ‘minders’. What exactly did you get right?

    You were not telling the truth and you have been caught out, it makes one wonder what else you have reported as true is not.

  • Craig

    I didn’t get the time wrong, and there were lots of minders. As I have said, £50 to the first person who sees Chloe without five minders.

  • James

    You should indeed feel honoured that new-media Tory propagandist, Iain Dale, has chosen you as his target. You must be doing something right. On a similar note, with regard to the BBC, I’ve often heard Noam Chomsky say in interviews: “if I did have access to the mainstream media, I might begin to wonder if I’m doing something wrong”.

  • Jives

    Well….no wonder these pesky lying Tories have to be so careful with details of where they live etc…

    With so many flipping houses they’re probably terrified of being audited.

    Duck and cover!

    Keep going Craig.

  • David Allen

    Balls-up report from the EDP:

    “Despite rumours Dr Gibson has been left in the cold since being barred from standing as Labour candidate by the party’s ruling national executive, Mr Balls insisted they were still on speaking terms.

    “I have been in touch with him a few times,” he said. “Ian was a very good friend of mine.”

    Was! Not any more!

  • George Dutton

    “Iain Dale falls further and further in my esteem as the days pass, he seems to commit more and more vulgar acts of partizan nonsense, I think he senses he could be a somebody soon if the right things go his way”

    Hmmmm,I wonder what kind of job Dale is after?, something that will appeal to Tory party members. Can’t think what that could be though.

    By the way,came across this…


  • Veritas

    The central issue here is the quality of the candidate and it’s good to see that people are now asking on Iain’s site, just what does Chloe Smith stand for. Of course, Iain isn’t answering the questions though getting mightily upset when that’s pointed out.

    From what I’ve seen so far, she’s no more than a careerist with an inane line in PR geekspeak. And that’s fairly typical of the type.

    These people don’t really have any beliefs or principles at all. They’re little more than presentational bureaucratic careerists who all look and sound alike. The problem is that our democracy is being destroyed by these fake people.

    What we need is a more organic type of politician, perhaps a bit rough round the edges but totally real!

    And we need to know what they stand for; their passion!

    I mean, what’s the difference between her and any of the Blair babes, or is a vote for Cameron just a vote for more Blair. God help us.

  • George Dutton

    “What we need is a more organic type of politician, perhaps a bit rough round the edges but totally real!”


    You mean a change of image for Chloe Smith and Iain Dale?. There again they might be better off staying as they are?…Hard one to call?…


  • James Manning

    I can understand the jealousy towards Iain – most people would like to be in his position at the top of the blogging tree – but what you said WERE lies.

    To say he was there on Monday when he hadn’t been there since Saturday isn’t just a chronological oversight! Or if it is, and your memory is that poor, i’m sure the people of Norwich can do without you representing them at Westminster.

  • George Dutton

    James Manning

    Craig is standing in Norwich north to come on here and say…”i’m sure the people of Norwich can do without you representing them at Westminster.”… is not true. Craig if/when he gets elected will be MP for Norwich north NOT Norwich. You made a mistake didn’t you. Of course someone less generous then I might come on here and accuse you off lying or “your memory is that poor”. I of course would never dream of being so petty and childish as to do such a thing,and show myself up as being a pompous prat.

  • Jaded.

    Maybe Mr. Manning and Mr. Dale both got their degrees in pedantry from the same institution.

    Craig, how’s this?

    ‘It was yesterday announced that Tony Bliar is Britain’s candidate to be the first President of the European Union. We can’t allow this to happen and if elected I will put extra effort into preventing it. So, ‘Stop Blair, Start Here, Vote Murray’.’

    A million horrible things about the man you could insert in the text at your leisure. And may I suggest to use this image:


    This has to be a vote winner right?

  • Kim Stickland

    Hi – Are you coming to our live broadcast of Radio 4’s Any Questions??

    It’s tomorrow night at the Hewett School. Ring the school for tickets – 628181


  • BM

    Oh to be at top of the blogging tree! That’s all one could ever possibly hope for! Wouldn’t life be grand if we were all at the top of the blogging tree?


  • Craig


    As a candidate I should be delighted to come and be on the panel, but I am certainly not going to sit in the audience and listen to my fellow candidates support the Afghan War while I am not alowed to take part.

  • Erghiez

    Lots of people have to commute to work. It’s a crappy train journey and its long hours but the best jobs are in London. As a commuter myself who lives in Norwich but has to travel to London I don’t think it’s very fair suggseting that people who do so aren’t ‘Norwich enough’.

  • Jon

    @Erghiez – I agree. But the subtext, I think, was that perhaps Chloe does not actually live in the constituency full time at all. Which would be the case, presumably, for someone who visits Norwich on weekends :o)

    That commute, incidentally, must take 90 minutes at least. I would consider it myself from Birmingham, as good trains take about that time, but with the tube added on, that would be four hours of commuting a day for me. Nice salaries, but not nice enough to put up with that!

  • James Manning

    Quote>”The Tories seemed rattled about Craig standing and that is probably why they steam in here.”

    We’ll see how “rattled” they are when they win, next Thursday!

    Anyone fancy a wager Mr Murray doesn’t get his deposit back?

    Posted by: James Manning at July 15, 2009 9:40 PM <End Quote.


  • Duncan McFarlane

    Mr Dale has since put up a post on the proportions of people taking hard drugs among the people reading his blog, based on figures which apply to the population in general, not drug addicts.

    Yet everyone knows that blog readers are not representative of the population in general. I do not take hard drugs. So by his own pedantic and ludicrous standards “He is a proven liar” etc ?

    Iain Dale’s pedantry, party political bias and parroting of the party line could drive the most ardent anti-drugs campaigner to heroin.

    He claims you ran a “scurrilous” campaign by pointing out Chloe Smith worked for Deloitte Touche – accountants to RBS before the crisis – and that she tried to get a candidacy in Ipswich first. If either claim is untrue please help Chloe set up the libel action Iain. Otherwise please lay off the caffeine as it seems you can’t handle a cup of coffee without going off on a wild hyperbolic pro-Tory rant.

    (Made a similar post on his blog but he decided to moderate it out of existence)

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