The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie 125

Only the Tories could produce a sex dossier like this one, in tremendous High Tory prose. They talk of “impregnation” and “fornication”. This provides some backing for its authenticity.

It is difficult to understand the provenance of this “sex list” of Tory MPs. What was the standing of the junior Tory researchers who allegedly compiled it, and at whose behest? Assuming this copy is genuine, we know that at least some of it is accurate because individuals like Mark Garnier have admitted the detail of the allegation. But I publish it as a matter of intense public interest at the moment, and I publish it as evidence that this is what is alleged. This list is already extremely widely available online. I am not in any sense endorsing or promoting as true any of the specific individual allegations, which may be groundless nonsense. I understand that in some cases these allegations are strongly denied.

Except for the Liam Fox and Adam Werritty bit, we all know that is true.

What is genuinely alarming about this list is the clear picture that emerges overall that the pool of MPs’ researchers, who are often young and are in a subservient position in this context, are viewed as fair game for MPs’ sexual predation. The list of 40 Tory MPs (NB Not 36) includes 23 who are accused of inappropriate behaviour towards researchers, secretaries and others in a dependent position. This is disgusting exploitation and may be justly compared to the Weinstein affair.

But some of the other allegations do not strike me as of genuine public interest. Personal sexual preferences between consenting adults are not my business, and I detect a definite whiff of homophobia in some of these details. If somebody likes to be peed on by three men, what has that got to do with his ability or integrity as an MP? Similarly the concern about extra-marital affairs seems to come from a bygone age. If the several citings of Kwesi Kwerteng are true, the man has truly appalling taste. Women appear to be dubiously targeted for mere promiscuity.

Tories are sleazebags. Who knew?

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125 thoughts on “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

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  • Bill Garnett

    I don’t think that the Wragg video of three person’s peeing on him is itself of public interest…but what is is that here is a dossier apparently drawn together so as to gain control/leverage of individuals involved…a cynical manipulation of the democratic process…how long has this been in place and how has it been used and by who with what effect are the questions that should be asked.

    • giyane

      Look no further than the Tory leader. Her authority in the Tory party comes from her role in this. I personally believe that spying on and blackmailing people in a cold, political and intensely subversive way is a much greater form of moral wickedness than the impulsive resorting to sexual fantasy by those who are the pressurised victims of power predators. Humans are created weak. Political manipulators have always had ways to spy and manipulate. I very strongly believe that people in the religious hierarchies, or political hierarchies, who spy on others in order to promote their message, when their message is intellectually threadbare, are the very worst form of liars. They are not lying for money; they are lying for intellectual dishonesty’s sake.

      Who on earth would wake up in the morning with the sole purpose in life of dismantling truth? Exposing the frailties of your colleagues has got to be the most evil weapon in the toolbox of the religious and political elites. Funnily enough, the capacity to know what I say to another human-being in order to sexually excite them in the privacy of a bedroom or an office, is absolutely no proof of someone’s intention to commit an act of indecency or aggression. Lovemaking is universally recognised as an act of emotional need or a request for love. Accept me as I am, because I was brought up to feel intensely ashamed about myself. Possibly the human interaction of discussing one’s sexual feelings might prevent that person from doing something wrong. But it cannot ever be forbidden to communicate. It is only forbidden to communicate in the fascist institutions from religion or politics that spy on people.

      What’s more, if mothers control their sons by making them feel ashamed of their sexuality, feminists appear to want to use the same tool in political institutions. Closeting themselves in private with politicians in order to lay sexual honey traps for them, in my book, is extremely manipulative behaviour. The idea that exposing yourself to a man is just his problem is fashionable, but it’s also bollocks. Women should not closet themselves in private with men. It’s extremely dishonest of women to intentionally lay traps for men and deny all knowledge of their own behaviour.

      You cannot utilise people’s private words of human interaction to tar them with innuendos and manipulate their support for actual crimes, such as waging war on innocent civilians in foreign lands. If a student of politics is working in a political institution and they don’t know the first thing about how politics is actually conducted, then teach them, before they go into it, what politics is. The political mind that uses spying on love in order to achieve the pure evil of war, to satisfy their thirst for cruelty and power is called psychopathy. Theresa May is a psychopath. Most sleazebags are.

    • giyane

      People re-create experiences in adult life similar to experiences that traumatised them in childhood.
      The point is that in childhood you have very little control over life, so re=creating scenarios in which you were powerless enables you to re-wind the clock and feel as though you are now in control where previously you weren’t. Is that of public interest. No. Is it of private interest? No. Is it anybody’s interest on this planet? No.
      It is only of interest to someone who wants to manipulate someone else.

  • Hieroglyph

    It’s got May’s sticky fingerprints all over it. She was about to get the sack, and suddenly a perv list comes out. I note that the paedophiles are not on the list. The PM is, it’s fair to say, a bad penny. This may even save her job for a year or so, so that’s a ‘Win’ I guess.

    Btw, Off Topic. The JFK files revealed that a trusted CIA source thought that Hitler was alive in Argentina, after the war. I’ve heard it before, and am beginning to think there is something to it. Interesting.

  • Havant A Clue

    Number 29 on the list, Alan Mak, is the entirely vacuous but deeply arrogant non-entity who is MP for Havant.
    The allegation against him seems to be “inappropriate with female researchers and journalists + asked to take 3 female aides on holiday”.
    I have it on some authority that he is closet-gay, so this seems a little improbable and, for me, casts doubt on the authenticity of the whole document.

    • glenn_nl

      Well if he is – as you say – in the closet, being inappropriate with females would provide good cover. A lot of inappropriate behaviour is about power anyway, not simply about sexual attraction. He might also swing both ways. Plenty of possibilities – none of which makes the whole document worthless on account of some rumour you heard that this freak might be in the closet.

  • freddy

    it seems a bit much that a man charged with being in control of our armed services
    would give up so quickly, just because fifteen years ago he put his hands on a womans legs.
    How would he stand up to Putin?

  • Sharp Ears

    I trust Theresa will have enough sense NOT to promote Penny Mordaunt to replace Fallon.

    Tory MP Penny Mordaunt said ‘c**k’ several times in Parliament speech as part of Navy dare
    Penny Mordaunt delivered speech to Commons on poultry welfare to fulfil bet
    30 November 2014

    A certain culture seems to exist at the MoD.

    She is currently at the DWP. Cameron appointed her Minister of State for the Armed Forces at the MoD.

    The occupants of Putin’s Palace, generally speaking, are moral pygmies.

    • freddy

      i guess the best fit to take over from Knees Fallon, would be

      He’s been in the army, he has been a part of the High Command ( before) he is VERY up 4 BREXIT.

      A shoe-in

      • freddy

        IDS for Defence
        would be a very open message to the European Elite.
        We are no longer prepared to roll-over.

  • Corinne

    Quote, « If somebody likes to be peed on by three men, what has that got to do with his ability or integrity as an MP? »

    I beg to differ. It can have lots to do indeed. The behaviour described is masochistic, and anyone who as read books like Bruno Bettleheim’s ‘Informed Heart’ about the behaviour of inmates in Nazi concentration camps understands that as opposed to sadism, masochism is not always a perversion, but can be a response to trauma – the levels of anxiety are so high the person cannot cope and resorts to externalizing them to get rid of them, at least momentarily. I am not saying that this has bad repercussions on his work, what I am saying is that thinking it has none is naive at best, with all due respect.

    Apart from that, this list is apparently not so much for inappropriate behaviour tracking purposes, as it seems to be a basis for blackmail and control. And that’s ugly.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      Personally, I regard the whole idea of “perversion” as rather odd. The issue is, for me, one of consent. Provided acts of sadism or masochism, or any other sexual acts for that matter, take place between fully informed and consenting adults, it does not seem to me to be any of my business, or that of others, what those acts are. There should be certain limits to that, dealt with by the criminal law – permanent injury or death being examples. I would not regard being “peed on by three men” as at all likely, other things being equal, to impact on someone’s ability to carry out their work effectively. On the contrary, I would be much more concerned if someone had obsessive masochistic fantasies, for example, without ever feeling able to express them openly. That would be considerably more likely, in my opinion, to affect someone’s professional and personal life adversely. I would regard the capability to bring such things into the physical world as a healthy and hopeful sign, paradoxical as that may seem.

  • Robin Gardner

    There is a large area of overlap between this list and the issue of sexual harassment BUT THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! This list was produced for/by the Whips’ Office in order to secure compliance by their MPs. It reveals behaviour by individuals that the Whips believe the individuals would rather stayed out of the public domain. Some of it falls under the category of sexual harassment and each example should be thoroughly investigated. But how can we trust a system where our MPs are constrained to vote for legislation – pass laws outlawing criminal behaviour – by a system that, itself, colludes with (effectively condones) criminal behaviour? It in no way diminishes the seriousness of the individual behaviours to say that the system that produced this shameful list is even more worrying.

    • Dave

      The way to make Parliament and MPs more accountable is through voting reform, annual elections and recall, but its not done with Codes of Conduct, which are a guide to behaviour which cannot be used to remove someone from being an MP, because its up to the voters to vote people in and vote people out.

      That’s why I suspect dark forces at work here, because on MSM I heard someone saying “how can they be deemed unsuitable to remain in Cabinet and yet remain an MP”? It seems they are seeking a change in the system that by-passes voters to enable MPs to be fired as MPs without recourse to elections.

  • SA

    Strange that aggressively advocating action that may lead to mass killing and possible extermination of life on eart doesn’t get you sacked but touching someone’s knee does.

    • giyane

      The ones on the list for touching ladies knees are the ones that do like it up ’em and do like the public having fake news about their heterosexual alibis. The ones not on the list are the ones who misbehave and therefore do what they’re told. Another list contains the names of those who will fight proxy colonial wars – Al Qaida.
      Another list contains the names of whistleblowers who have never been known ever to do what they’re told.

    • freddy

      How many have gone now?
      Among the allegations are claims unnamed senior Labour MP’s have been reported to the Leader’s Office for abuse of young ladies
      A second Labour MP is being privately accused of sexual assault of a woman – but they remain unnamed.
      A third senior Labour MP is accused of ‘wandering hands’ and being over-friendly at student discos.

  • freddy

    Labour AM is out of his Welsh Government job after allegations were made about his personal conduct.
    Carl Sargeant has been suspended from the Labour Party as an investigation takes place.
    He was secretary for communities and children.

    this is turning into a witch hunt

  • freddy

    The leader of Slough Borough Council has been suspended by the Labour Party following complaints made about him.
    Sohail Munawar will remain the council leader and a councillor but will no longer represent Labour.
    He said: “Obviously if the party has received complaints they have to take action and I will be cooperating fully with any investigation.”
    Labour has yet to release a statement and a spokesperson would not comment on the nature of the complaints.

  • freddy

    Labour MP Clive Lewis has denied groping a woman at the party’s annual conference this year.

    • Dave

      May has ordered a strengthened Code of Conduct, this may sound a good idea, but its the wrong response, because it facilitates a flood of petty complaints that brings our democratic institutions into further disrepute. This happened when the Standards Board of England was set up, and why it was subsequently abolished.

      SBE allowed politically motivated complaints to be made against political opponents, to be judged by political opponents, that could result in suspension from office, all at public expense. The solution is for someone to ‘have a word’, but if its a serious matter those involved should go to the police or take legal action. Its not a matter for a Code of Conduct which is a guide to behaviour, not a legal contract that can be enforced.

    • Dave

      This culture of denouncement that greatly inflates trivial matters, to the detriment of common sense and fair play, is an outgrowth of ‘hate crime’ legislation, which is similar to the ‘thought crime’ explained in 1984. And that’s why it has become a sanctioned madness, and self-consuming, but its officially sanctioned because its intended, as with ‘thought crime’ to protect the privileged rather than the vulnerable. Because under ‘hate crime’ everyone can be perceived to be guilty, but its the privileged rather than the vulnerable who decide whose prosecution and found guilty, because “some are more equal than others”!

  • freddy

    First Secretary of State Damian Green gave evidence to a Cabinet Office inquiry into his conduct earlier on Tuesday, the BBC understands.
    The inquiry, which is being held behind closed doors, quizzed former senior police officer Bob Quick on Monday.
    It is examining Mr Quick’s claims pornography was found on a computer in Mr Green’s Commons office during a police investigation in 2008-09.
    Mr Green has denied the allegations saying they were a “political smear”.

    well, I think Damien is innocent

  • freddy

    Mr Sargeant was removed from the Welsh Government job last Friday after accusations about his behaviour were raised with the first minister.
    It is understood the Alyn and Deeside AM took his own life and one Labour AM said the group felt “deep unease”.

    It is understood the 49-year-old died apparently not knowing what the allegations were.

    How can you sack someone, without being specific?

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