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The local BBC are broadcasting a live TV debate between the “Four Main Candidates” – none of whom has anything interesting to say – on 22 July at 22.15. I am excluded lest I say something voters might actually care about. Like the need to end the war in Afghanistan, where our troops are dying to protect a government of corrupt warlords and heroin dealers, in the interests of the right of US companies to build oil and gas pipelines over Afghanistan from Central Asia.

I have of course been Ambassador to neighbouring Uzbekistan and know what I am talking about. Much better to exclude me therefore.

With Michael Crick of Newsnight following Chloe Smith around Taverham and Drayton yesterday like an obedient if over-excited lapdog, the media are treating the by-election as the coronoation of the blessed Chloe. Time I think that some of the less convenient facts about her were exposed – like her attempt to be MP for Ipswich, which will be very unpopular here in Norwich. The media know about this, but are keeping it quiet not to upset their putative new masters.

So I had fun with this. Hope you do too.


Incidentally, yesterday Chloe was walking along the main road with five minders, while six minor lackeys including Iain Dale ran ahead from house to house rousing the inhabitants and asking them if they wanted to meet Chloe Smith. She went for at least half a mile and not one person took up the offer. The voters may be less inclined than the media to assume they have to vote for her.

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65 thoughts on “Taking The Offensive

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  • David Allen

    “No offence, but your attacks on Chloe Smith make you look desperate and nasty.

    Ipswich reject? Do you really think anyone will care that she applied to other associations as well as Norwich North?”

    No, not as such.

    But why did she try to hide the facts?

    Why did she describe herself as “Norfolk through and through” when she was born in Kent, works in London, and wanted to stand in Ipswich?

    Why couldn’t she give a straight answer to Michael Crick on Newsnight tonight, when he asked whether the Tories would close a Surestart centre?

    Why vote for a party robot?

  • George Dutton

    “if you want to help out then contact the campaign team”

    George Laird

    Stuff that, eddie costs New Labour votes every time he comes on here. We DON’T want eddie,try and push him on to the Tories that would be nice.

    eddie is a vote wrecking machine.

  • Jon

    @George – I support Craig’s candidacy, and do not support Chloe Smith’s, but let me offer the following. I don’t know much about her, and am a touch suspicious of the opportunism reflected in her having tried to stand elsewhere recently. But, I think that is the opportunism of Conservative central office, not hers. From what I hear she is a decent individual and I am prepared to believe she intends to represent the people of NN honestly. However, I do think we should not make this battle excessively personal, and that there are very good grounds to oppose her candidacy.

    Firstly, on ideology: anyone who can make it up the ranks of the Tory party (or any of the big three) will have had to make compromises along the way. Knowing when to toe the line, knowing when to keep quiet, knowing who to be deferential to. It is not a secret that Ms Smith is not out to shake up the lazy thinking and intellectual corruption of the Commons in any meaningful way.

    Second, since she has been selected by a member of the big two parties, she comes under a heavy whip. So, if she unexpectedly has an outbreak of independent thinking, she will be forced to choose between her principles and her career. Maybe she will “do the right thing” but this nevertheless makes her compromised from the start.

    Third, the flip-flop between Labour and Conservative in this country has been regular and boring, and what substantial and lasting good has come of that? Where are we in the battle on climate change? – doing very badly. What is Tory policy on curbing the excesses of corporations? Non-existent. How do the Tories fair on international law (Iraq) – bloody awful. How about human rights? Ah yes, they want to repeal the HRA. Are Tories in favour of more and deeper privatisation? The answer is yes; how could they be otherwise, in the party of big business?

    Anyway, I don’t sense a great deal of local enthusiasm on the web for her being the “replacement MP”. All the content on her blog appears carefully controlled, and there is zero debate on her blog – actually, as it happens, zero comments.

  • eddie

    George Laird, sorry I confused you with George Dutton, but you still haven’t explained what human rights are under attack at Glasgow University. I checked your name and there is no mention of you at the university – are you an impostor?

  • George Dutton

    “I checked your name and there is no mention of you at the university – are you an impostor?”

    eddie is checking up on us…VERY sinister. A New Labour supporter and no mistake.

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